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Dice which is it's even dot. Claude van Damme had somebody assigned to him during during this movie that's the thing that happened. He had I think it was the director who has signed a like a person to follow John Claude van Damme around and then the stop stop using cocaine preventive using cocaine but not only did the guy failed to get them to stop using cocaine. He actually helps him get cocaine and totally ignore the fact that he was sleeping with the worst handler in History Ledge one job. Don't let them get drugs. Okay Sir yeah Sunday Blur on the planet like you're in charge your the handler John Claude van Damme back to the legends legendary. I what is everyone's favorite seen a movie. Let's start with Mike. I is there a movie groovy. I'm kidding. No at most I did like the fight with guile and Bison in the end because that's all it came to mind at the moment when they're fighting and martial arts style or with flying I liked it when he's flying and I was just I enjoyed like most of the fighting the movie I enjoyed. I'm GonNa Stop Right there that you guys go but yeah I enjoyed most of those movies and how it makes sense all right Stephane. What about you speaking of that by sin and guile fight? There's a part where the camera follows Raul Julia flying away from it on a string and then it cuts to him like like flying till the middle of the room suddenly stopping and hanging there and that all the T._v.'s behind him just suddenly explode for no Reza. It's got the lightning power because he's a god Steph. Exactly I like is quote with a Satan something about like hi and he fell from heaven just like lightning thrown all that long for held seen as Z. fell from heaven but now that was just commenting on my <hes> Mike said but my favorite scene is with a zingy in give when the there's a truck full of explosives <unk> heading towards the tent there and there's a T._v.. It looks at the T._V.. And he looks at the truck and he says quick change the channel stupid the D._J.. D._J.'s slowly like turns around and just gives them this book like you hit store. What about about you? What's your favorite scene from the movie? Oh by far my favorite scene is the Sean Lee talking to Sarah Hulas Bison scene because it's just like they're they're both fantastic actors and I mean Raul. Julia is amazing actor. Who's just like our earlier? You said do side note here Raleigh Julia I used to do like low budget films with like for like zero money for like the minimum minimum pay checking yeah because he just like he was is genuinely nice dude at he just loved <hes> like help people out and so he would just do all these little tiny films for like up and coming directors for free or almost referee Oh wow and so I I love him. As an actor I love like his Gomez and me not win his greatness as well. It's just like them. Talking to each other is so dramatic it has so much like it has so much weight on compared to the rest of the movie yeah stand out I think especially because of all I like the funny comedy shots like dial knife and all them all the men start surrendering before he realizes that his entire forces find him okay. That was funny. I was laughing at that too. Yeah I'm GonNa Review. Stuart Pearce seen the movie because it was the one scene where they didn't catch tried to. I don't want let's see ruin it with comedy but like it was yeah it was one hundred percent serious e end how she was going to a monologue about about how he's a coward and how he destroyed their farm in how the farmers revolted and rebelled against them and drove them out and how at the end he was just like it was just a Tuesday it was just the best seed in terms of right in the movie and acted by far the best. I was lying so clearly because it's Aw for you the day M Bison Grace Your village was the most important day of your life but for me it was Tuesday like he could not give less of a shit yeah and apparently he study like wash a bunch of behind the scenes because of course I did and Julia studied a bunch of dictators to get into Garrett Different Bison. Am Bison was based off of like Mussalini putting all of this research in to deliver that one line so perfectly God that is cool though that was a great actor and deserves more credit yeah yeah it's interesting how you put so much work. Irk intuit MIMOSA movie especially to write in Dan put that much work into it delivered all of his lines like Oh yes he gave it a hundred and ten percent set yeah definitely one hundred ten percent at least now he while dying of cancer cancer while on Claude Van Damme was walking around doing a bunch of cocaine pain this entire the entire behind the scenes. This movie basically exists Jean Claude Van Damme look like a massive dick the absolutely much doing cocaine wife studying Mussalini in the corner yeah he was studying studying for like an Oscar picture or something yeah. That's kind of put into everything you did. An awesome tracks was your favorite scene in the movie all right. It's not going to lie my favorite scene. Forget their names already but the two mercy not Mersad Mersad con artists where they were found out by the kind of first villain that we'd need help the yes ago sorry so that was probably my favorite team because it Kinda starts out a bit comical they get kidnapped or like almost prison but then they get shot at with their own weapons which are <hes>. It's like slapstick like Jackie Chan movie gets into like a mild by team and they actually get serious they go into into that kind of cage fight scene which like it was almost serious but not quite to that point that of course at the very end John Claude van don comes smashing Ashington with a tank. It's like it's the biggest blue balls where they build it up so much thank him A._B._C.. Come crashing through the end of that scene moving on. I love that so much how they played it out because it was a little bit serious little bit funny very serious than just comical comical and I thought it was actually laid out perfect yeah yeah like I said. The only bad part of this movie I think is wrong Claude van Damme yeah. What do you find him? The worst part of the movie gets. I don't think the dam is a good actor and people there's there's just <unk> our source exactly yes. There's a there's a there's a Colt appreciation for John. Claude van Damme and I get it believe me I get it but like Arnold Schwarzenegger just did everything he did better while not on cocaine and it was like people like jotted <unk> there are one hundred actors like Jean Claude Van Damme that are better actors like they might not be as good fighters but they can express and I don't think John Claude van Damme can like express emotion very well especially not on coke by the way not and people. It's all of his lines eighty yard in as well. It was weird fun fact about John Claude Van Damme. Most people don't know is that when he was training to become a martial artist he actually trained under Chuck Norris Chuck Norris basically used him as a body bag. He literally got his ass beat every day. That's but never talked about him. In the Predator he was the original the Predator yes lord they has the iconic <hes> cost him that is the Predator error is defined character for many years originally. It was like a weird lobster creature basis yeah. It was a giant Lake Pink. Praying ain't Mantis in a suit before they're like yeah. That's all very intimidated. All let's get do redesign in a broad John Van Damme he was the personnel is inside the suit the whole time he never ended up in the movie and he ended up in a star sort of but originally started it off as the Predator but not actually cool prayer that we all know him love well. He dropped out specifically because he wasn't going to be seen in the movie. I'm not going to do this because my my face isn't going to be on it which that's fair for like if you're if you want to be like a serious acting like if you want your name out there that's fair but also fun to my guess. Somebody's paying you. Someone's paying you like your name on there. I was that guy but I believe it's even funnier to me that like like I. I wish she would have done it because his biggest competition back then was Arnold Schwarzenegger and so the movie would have been like ninety percent Arnold Schwarzenegger's space and ten percent unable to see Sean Claude. Van Damme States really funny. That's why they didn't do it. I know he was really upset about it or maybe he ran out of cocaine now so he's I. I don't really I when I remember a kid. I remember liking him as an actor thought his movies are cool now that adult I know I know there's like hard target and <hes> universal soldiers. They have like a lot of love behind him time cop time come up yeah and it's just like sport. I think right to sports a big one like I said I get it. I This movie you've been better or worse or the same Arnold Schwarzenegger was one hundred times about yeah. I agree with that too especially since he's supposed to be played the ultra American Belgian her to that he you know what he's I think he is more American because he was the command or commando he was in Predator like I believe on the Niger as ridiculous American trooper. I don't believe ridiculous American trooper sure and he's also governor of a state in the United States. Hey Austin let me ask you a hypothetical question or ask you and Travis <hes> would you guys have preferred word John Claude van Damme guile or Steven Seagal. ooh Oh God they're the worst though hold on hold on which aired like so this is we're talking specifically nineteen eighties ago yeah for me even back then he was so fat and Lazy Easy now like loves the Russians he was in those battleship movie things I'd say vanity still because these stories of him do cocaine and a cheat on his wife. All is not really that much better of a fighter or an actor Sir my opinion and I think at that point they were still on the same level of stardom so honestly I'll just say would be the M. Honestly I guess are you guys Pants A._M.. Was At least like a really good fighter and I know people are going to be like Oh. Stephen sagoes apply he's not he's a shit fighter. If you've ever watched any like legitimate tournament that Steven seagal still does for some reason it's all totally scripted where he's like is like I and like barely moving and guys are just flipping over ridiculously. It's all scripted crap trying to think like around this time he was doing under siege thing which I want to say is the the with Tommy Lee Jones in like they're really stupid line..

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