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And i set awesome by the way i we. I wish we picked up some clubs. Be nice go play some soccer love to magic. We had a game like seven thirty tonight. Left all my much. I asked his kind of moving your town and join your brother like i was like all right sounds good switzerland. I don't know how old i'm going to be. I can stay in shape. But man it'd be cool to join a club and being i want to be on ping pong team. I don't know if they got that. I like to be on the soccer team as well. I think they have a full like lobby. It's like an entire thing. Pick up like pickle ball or something like that still four year just competing against tires. Switzerland country starting oculus league. I'm sure club. holly. I'm definitely gonna shop papa. Pretty explosive shot clubs do now because being crauser moving it. Hey he's unbelievable. Aj have you ever done the shot put. I never did. I ran track and first grade night. Just running and i would like to like kovacs now like hey probably unbelievable as well just like mohammed who's right behind sydney mclaughlin. They both would beat the world record but only one. We'll get remembered for it because it happened in same race. They just so happened to be from the same state. Eight tight told just so bad. Told you saw that one. That was great. You know. I mean i need more. That lasted the all. I can't find the goddamn events. That's nbc not the athletes. It's remember that can't thank you enough for allowing us to penetrate your ear holes the fact you allow us to do so every monday through friday. I'm maternally grateful for the boys. Effort short of spectacular. Our guest conversations have been absolutely beautiful and feel real good about life right now. The nfl's on tonight let's go harmful policies. We almost made. It has taken a pot. I can't thank you enough. thai please. Placement music repel these people a beautiful hall of fame game evening. Backman yana for a good friday. Be frontal frontiers back to the new hampshire old. Hi for the red..

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