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Seventy minutes sixteen minutes going the other direction keep driving safe out there no collisions at the moment knock on wood you next board just thirty minutes news and the point one can't be kept for sun mixing with clouds this afternoon high fifty six to sixty partly to mostly cloudy tonight areas of fog low thirty five to thirty nine low clouds and fog tomorrow morning then mostly cloudy for the afternoon I fifty three to fifty seven mostly cloudy Monday I fifty four fifty eight AM accu weather's John feared is ninety three point one KFBK good morning and good afternoon folks and welcome to the right land radio show your host mortgage Mike I am so excited to be here folks shop this number down it's a very easy number to remember there's a lot of five is in this number strategic so it is easy to write down and remember if you're in the car eight five five five zero five five five seven seven this show is sponsored by my good friends at light speed mortgage we are going to be talking about a lot of things that's going on right now in the international world we were on the cusp of a war recently that has caused interest rates in the United States to literally plummet to all time lows folks get this we're gonna get right to the nitty gritty the interest rate currently being offered by my good friends at light speed mortgage is down to a low incredibly low two point seven five percent fixed F. I. X. E. be fixed over the life of the refinance if you're interested in refinancing if you want to take advantage of low rates unfortunately because of international.

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