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And it's park system and for that i'm somebody who certainly grateful both as the general manager and as a dad with two kids in our parks every day while you mentioned the the one of the things that i love is what is it i know it's us sundays and is thursday adventure of read off the grid that has this that goes through you know the presidio is off the grid actually started off the great actually starting at the san francisco recreation park department and then started in two sites i started in civic center plaza and it started adco in golden gate park at waller and it's expanded tremendously and now they are at fort mason on fridays there in the percent he on the parade ground on sundays and there's nothing better than the combination of open space food and community so it is it is a great amenity for all of our park systems all right what about new parks there any that they're developing right now as we speak yeah it's really been us such an exciting us summer for us so we just reopened alamo square has certainly not a new park it's actually one of the city's oldest by um we did a project that resulted in a brand new irrigation system and the planting of about a hundred new trees this week we reopen mount lake park we got a ribbon on a new batting cage at the toriumi knowledge raids we are opening a new park at seventeen and folsom in a few weeks we just opened a new park on twenty four street no valley town square so and we what does it take to open a park i mean well we are again really blessed to have some resources and as the city continues to grow we wanna make sure that we got open space in areas that need it most and so with no valley town square and with seventeen th and folsom we were able to acquire the open space and then plan to build it and we do that through a combination of on funding through impact fees from development through philanthropy and through the money we know that were given through the city's general found and so we've been able to not just renovate our existing parks but to add and build.

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