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After all, the votes are counted K away news radio. The holidays are coming. But the first guest I always welcome into my home is zero Rez, and this year it's more important than ever to keep things clean and safe. Dirt dust and allergens lurk deep in your carpet and on your hardwood tile floors and your furniture to zero rez has extended their three rooms special for the holiday rush. Get three rooms of carpet clean for just 99 bucks at all month long they're collecting food donations for the food Bank of the Rockies. Call 303471 51 50 or go to zero raised Denver Dotcom away News Radio 8:50 A.m. 90 for one FM. Thiss program has been pre recorded. Greetings, Mr Mrs Middle America and all the ships at sea. This is coast to coast Am with pun it and to the hostel invading alien armies covering silently, just outside of Earth's atmosphere, still faithfully waiting for your chance to attack. Hidden nestled behind your cloaking devices..

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