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JV will have the ball to start the second half drugs. Brings it across the timeline. The Hoyas in Amanda, Amanda. Defense and can set the point right back to scrunch back. The hankins free throw line Jeffers on the way in and out. No good jobs comes down with the offensive rebound dribbled through the parameters. April set up their offense again, number one guy in the big east and offense. Rebound marshall. Kicked down the hankins. Download back out straightaway castle choirs the three all in and out. No good. That rolled around looked like it was going to go with. That was so close on the shot from Cal castle. Georgetown was the first possession of the second half Xavier leading thirty six to twenty eight. Passes off the back of Jones Kinjo misfiring picked up by McLaughlin, drives inside the lane. Shots hankins picked up by McCloskey feeds it back inside the LeBlanc who as it up. And and he's found that's the second time of the ballgame. Hankins is blocked a shot. It becomes loose in its picked up and score innocent. I had one for Georgetown, Matt LeBlanc. Joe guys. Shot blocked. Got the ball back and distant off the block walks free throws on the way. So he completes a three point play. That's quite a freshman. Pair of long they are very very talented Xavier leads by five thirty six thirty one. We played a minute. In the second half of eighteen of the thirty one points for Georgetown castle. Fires it over the left point down. Low side of the Florida hankins spins kicks it back outside.

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