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Arizona and Florida Sam stone on Saturday. Former Phoenix mayor Greg stand was held up by point by hatchet point. Tell us what you know about this incident. You know, what I the more? I've learned about this the harder I start laughing. Because boy, you wanna talk about your chickens coming home to roost. We've got a homeless criminal Robin, the ex-mayor the ex mayor who absolutely destroyed our police force ignored all their needs. And after promising to end homelessness watched. It's like one hundred and forty nine percent in his tenure this one is straight outta his backyard. Right into his pocket. How did the hatchet men? Get to the homeless hatchet men. Get to this neighborhood. I understand. This was a nice neighborhood. Yeah. It's not a bad neighborhood. But of course, the light rail line runs right along, man. You know, he took the modern horse. I don't know with a hatchet. I keep I keep having this picture in my mind is some guy walking up being my Lord, sir. Will thou please over vine wallet before I am forced to cut the, but, you know, come on this guy jumped on the light rail and disappeared. It's perfect everything about this is Greg Stanton's nightmare. You're absolutely correct about this Samsung, the I also heard that it's not talked about a lot. But the, but the light rail does like a people mover off for the vagrants of. I shouldn't laugh at this. But this is what is there any truth to that? Absolutely. Our police department here internally they have a joke. They call our light rail the shoplifter express, you get all these guys these transient homeless all these folks, they hop on that light rail they ride up a couple of miles away from where they normally hang out to go hit up a convenience store. Grab whatever they want little grabbing her on the light rail and go home with their snacks. We've got Sam stone. He's a chief of staff for Phoenix a city councilman sowed assist. Former mayor Stanton worked hard against the police department. But I heard that he opposed them. Every step of the way has is this another example, I think you're alluding to of the chickens finally coming home to roost big time big time. I mean, first off were joking about this James. But this is not a joking matter violent crime is up our police response times, even in the most emergency emergency situations when life and death is on the line. A response times are up about twenty percent. And so you see violent crime up you see murders up unsolved murders. We dropped from eighty backed about thirty thirty percent of the murders were actually solving. I mean, if you wanna get away with a major crime come here to Phoenix right now. And that's not a police departments fault Stanton and his cronies at city hall blocked them for six years from hiring. Anybody six years? Here's how be that. You know, a city this size the politicians who are running the plays did not allow for the police force to grow along with the city. You know, I mean granted we hit a recession. But you look at where they're spending priorities are when we hit that recession. They found a way to increase spending across the board by raising taxes. Right. But where did they put that money? They put it into building a light rail. They put it into building, you know, they're doing rainbow Crosswalks and they're doing public art, by the way is the ugliest crud imaginable. Right. I mean, these things I always say if I have not an artistic bone in my body, James not one if I can create whatever you're selling. Thousands of dollars art. But that's what we've been buying. We bought all that stuff. We bought into all these social engineering garbage. And then we don't go out and pay for the cops we need fifth largest city in the country larger than any others by landmass. And this is what we got our officers are totally overwhelmed. We have Sam stone on the line. He's a chief of staff for Phoenix city councilman Sal desist. You'll let me change gears just a little bit here. Rumor has it that Democrats are trying to eat Democrats. But not having a lot of success. I hear that the guy was behind pushing out dirt on Daniel tickets last name balance day, Dan, Danny I just call him Danny Valance who I love. But you know, what Danny is a firefighter, obviously, he kind of a a more union back democrat Kate geigo, a progressive back democrat, and yeah, they're trying to eat each other. You got you know, somebody paid. There's no proof right now. Obviously, they paid an attorney this isn't gonna campaign filing. But somebody paid this attorney to dig up some dirt on Danny. They did a ham handed job of it. Quite frankly, did a ham handed job of putting the information out there. But somebody paid for that, right? Somebody paid the accusation amounted to Danny apparently had been cheating on his wife with a stripper who was paying have sex with him so prostituting, and then apparently brought a bunch of his firefighter buddies into meet her at her place of business, and some of them may have proposition her as well, you know, but when you put together hit like this it's important to start with maybe having the person who's making the accusation on hand, which they didn't they apparently paid her for a videotape and then had no other corroboration. So somebody's buying dirt. And they're buying the cheapest worst dirt you've ever seen in your life. This sounds like the Democrats with the Brett Kavanag case here. Coming up, but people that can't cooperate anything. And where's this going? Good night. Well, I think this is a symptom of what we're seeing on their side of the aisle across this country where they say that every accusation have to be believed. And yeah, no, I mean, come on. We all saw how ridiculously unbelievable the accusations against cavenaugh were, and, you know, here again, they seem to have some faith that this country has no common sense. And you look at a ridiculous unverified accusation and go that guys on fit now personally, I think Danny Valenzuela's totally unfit to be the next mayor of Phoenix. But has nothing to do with the fact that he's out Blinken some stripper while he should be home with his wife. That's that's about being a bad husband. He has political problems beside the personal was what I say it. Yeah. That's absolutely, right. This guy's in the pocket of every union at city hall that has run up the Bill on tax payers and cut down on services. Every time you bounce over a pothole. Think of Danny Valenzuela he delivered that for you got. That's a that's a good reason. Not to vote for him. We've got Sam stone chief of staff for Phoenix city councilman Saudi assist. You got one more question for you. What are great Stanton's chances in the CD nine race. Unfortunately, they're pretty darn go. We can't wait a minute. Wait a minute. We cannot elect the guy who when he was faced with the hatchet, man. Do as well in the guy's face and random. I shouldn't laugh at this. I don't know how I would handle it. But. I just wish I had the video of this. Because all I can see him throwing that wallet. Like a girl. Running away like a girl because we've all seen that photo of mountain bike. Yes. Man knows how it'd be a man, but you're saying that he made he may end up winning CD nine. Yeah. You know, I've seen a bunch of polling shows way ahead. The fact of the matter is that district shows about a three point three and a half point advantage for Democrats, but the independence air brake hard left. So it's really about a plus six plus seven district for Democrats makes it an uphill climb. But if you're out there listening right now get behind Steve Farrar, we got a really good candidate on the Republican side conservative, Dr great experience right choice. Sam stone. I want you to hang on. Because I for all this time. I've never taken the whole ideal of man-made global warming seriously. But there's something in the news today that has be rethinking that whole thing. I'll tell you what it is at four fifty.

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