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Her radio out. stories will I get to a little bit later include more on John Bolton announced today that John Bolton is out as national security adviser he and the president disagreed on many many things there is one report that last night it came to a head when they argued about whether or not the Taliban should have been invited to camp David for a meeting that we now know never took place but that was that was last night president else this morning that Bolton is out and I'll talk more about who's going to take his place coming up a little later all the great Pacific air show is upon us and this is really a no mas to the golden age of flight it draws so many people for so many reasons it's really quite the spectacle Kevin Elliott is the air show director in C. E. O. of code for. Kevin how many people showed up to the air show last year. well it was a lot I thought you saw them as you flew over there Gerry well I only counted approximately fifteen thousand but then again I was I was pre main show it was hard to count Kevin when he was wetting his pants. a little hard to. yeah when you're going by at the speed of sound it's a little hard but actually our numbers last year looked like about a little over two million people to the city over the three day period of the show which is Friday Saturday and Sunday so quite impracticable restive crowd Natalie those on the beach but also those that are in the retail centers hotels people just sitting up on the roofs with you know chairs watching it from their their roots it's crazy what are some of the highlights personally for you. you know I really love the sense of community I love the fact that the event you know in a in a noisy environment where there's a lot to do particularly in LA in Orange County at the great family friendly event and you know there's no crime at our event doc on wood it's just a really good bye and you know everybody has a unified looking up enjoying what they're watching enjoying a great day at the beach so I really enjoy the wholesome nature of the event of all of the events we produce it's got a really good feeling I understand that last year I got to fly the Air Force Thunderbirds but what are some of the main. attractions that we're gonna see this year coming up in a couple of weeks. well bye for this year is going to be the best they are sure that we've ever produced you know I'll say the best your show anywhere in the world but I think that given the the fact that we're at the beach and given the line up that we have is absolutely insane but I'll give you some highlights this year we're going to have the royal Canadian airforce snowbirds we're gonna have Jeff Bourbon back in its Jack one ten will have the Red Bull airforce and if you guys ever seen them but they have Kirby Chambliss who fly the aircraft they have the fully aerobatic helicopter as long as well as the the crazy guys squirrel suit the jump out of a helicopter and we've got a an eight ten demo when the Air Force we also have the very first year of the F. thirty five demos to because remember two years ago we had the the Air Force F. thirty five fly over and set up all the car alarms this year it's the full aerobatic demo of the F. thirty five so that'll be full fifteen minute performance by that aircraft this is the very first year that the air force's approve that for for demos so a lot of good stuff and then of course our big our big headliner this year will be there the royal airforce red arrows who have come over and are doing a north American tour all the way from Britain and they've selected Huntington beach at their finality performance before they head back across the pond so that is extremely rare they haven't flown air shows in the state in the nineties and we get to host them the finality here honey to beach very exciting you were talking about some of the different options in terms of in terms of how people can watch this an outside of throwing up a lawn chair on their house along Huntington beach somewhere the place is that you can get along the pier there I'm what are some of the options for those. absolutely what we have our R. V. I. P. flightline club which is really about the best place you can get to watch your show from what it is that hospitality tent that we set up that's got catered food and hosted full bar I mean you can come down there and that with your family and friends and watch the show for the whole duration which runs from about eleven thirty AM before and those tickets are available on our website we also have some tickets FOR calling the drop zone which is all that the premier sort of center stage seating on the stand where you can come in and bring your umbrella basically post up with the family and the kids and we've got act that the restrooms and food options and all kinds of stuff especially right there in the zone where you're gonna be able to hear all the great announcement then and all the live sort of a a narration by all the various teams right there at the show center so a lot of great ticketing options again available up at the big air show dot com do you talk about people being able to see the beast that is the A. four hundred M.. yeah absolutely so the A. four hundred M. is the actually the support aircraft for the Royal Air Force red arrows so all of these teams that come in with their little chat and they perform but what we don't see is that that they have these huge support team that follow them so sometimes that you know seventy eighty mechanic then crew and all kinds of different folks as well as all of their very and you know support spare parts and equipment into the a four hundred and is the air but basically support aircraft that travels with all of the supplies to support the royal airforce red arrows now that aircraft is following them around the country on their north American tour specifically to support the tour in the case of Huntington beach we actually made a special application to get them to fly the aircraft in our show and we are if I'm not mistaken I believe we're the only show if not one of the only shows on the entire north American tour with actually fly the a four hundred and in the show so it's gonna be incredible awesome great Pacific air shows coming up October fourth fifth and six Kevin Elliott CEO of code for and of course the air show director Kevin thanks for your time. Hey it's my pleasure I understand you guys are gonna be giving away a pair tickets you're coming up so encourage people to call in and and look fourteen you got down at the beach Gary can we get you on a plane again this year are you done do you know what's funny one of the things that I signed when I got into the the Thunderbird last year was that I will never fly another demonstrate I cannot fly with the Thunderbirds and I cannot fly with the blue angels again really yeah you're getting I'm not kidding that's one of the stipulations I have that when I agree to get on the plane they say you can't do this ever again well unless of course I know in the Air Force and I think I've aged out of that so I don't know. well I guess it's going to be timed breath to get Janet up one of these days yeah. I never flown a seven thirty seven which. trouble in the southwest flight test. for the seven will we'll see out there okay. are you bad thanks so much we'll talk to you back have an alley and like he was mentioning we do have a couple of tickets that we're gonna be given away so if you are.

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