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Who's next? Mark Mark Great. Great show guys. I'm actually glad to see clash between the two of you because you're sometimes in lockstep and I look I I know and it's good but I think that it goes deeper than the constitution. I'm a lawyer. I'm not trying to compare myself with. But the purpose of government is the welfare of the people and what these people are trying to do including the wine is to provide for the welfare of the people. And so I think it's an important distinction that they can't make you take a vaccine if it's for your health but if it's for the welfare of the people then you're gonNA get back changed with any kind of a constitutional amendment. I mean the welfare of the people is what the government has to do. And that's why it's been formed. Show I just think that that's what they're trying to do. Mark let me ask you this. You've got a supreme court nine members the majority or Conservative if I wage case if I wage a case and stated eloquently had my attorney stated eloquently that I am against forced. Vaccinations how do you think Justice Robertson? The rest of the Conservatives would rule. I think they're going to rule against you and really president because of the fact that look at look at HIV. Okay if you give HIV to somebody they're going to prosecute you and you're GONNA get sent to jail okay now granted. It's more difficult because instead of each you're basically sexual contact or not season But if you are deliberately giving a deadly VACC- a deadly illness somebody they're gonNA put you in jail at the least commander the thank. Thank you for the phone call. We're talking about a vaccine. No no no no no. But he said they're gonNA put you in jail. I've seen cases where people have been charged knowingly transmitting HIV. They were charged with felonious assault. You want to try and squeeze off. You can go to jail for that. What is the name of the doctor we had on from you? Wait Dr John. John Davidson He's a big believer in vaccines. This is right. So you're saying that he doesn't know what he's talking amount. I'm I'm not saying that. I just wanted to ask you. Are you want to take? I WanNa see broader and longer you're GONNA go see browder. You're good to see broader. I'm David Dr Davidson is four. Vaccines Dr Ten penny is against vaccines difference of opinions. Yes difference of opinions as simple as that. Okay this sir. But if you're saying that you're not GonNa take the vaccine than the doctors that are telling you. There's nothing wrong with the vaccine. You're telling them they don't know what they're talking about. It's your it's your beliefs yes so. I don't know why we have Dr John Davidson. I'm anymore you think he's fully you know what now don't thought start that no. I don't I believe in Dr Davidson And he said. He said that he would take the vaccine. And there's nothing wrong with the vaccine. One developed one developed when developed improved this. You know it's it's it's it's being. It's just absolutely comical to me. You know they're saying it's being rushed. Well you know it'd be here the end of the year. Well they've already been working on it for six months. So the end of the year would mean what that would mean. January one operation warp speed. Thank thank you thank you. I don't know if that's rushed okay. If they could end isn't our medical technology better today than it was fifty years ago. Yes it is okay. So a year is rushing something I know. It is not if it's proven effective in that time so communist forgotten that they've been working on it for six months they've been working on it but they'd be working on a vaccine for HIV for forty years and they haven't found it. Yeah Corona's vaccine xactly exactly common. What is how much is one in one to thank you. We'll be back..

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