David Ignatius, Muller, President Trump discussed on All In with Chris Hayes


Percent chance did not exceed the scope what then like is that is that setting us up for him to finally take a plea deal or does he actually want to go into open court and have to defend all of these black outlines what do you think david ignatius well i think that it's absolutely right that that muller is trying to squeeze metaphor too into into a plea deal they're they're throwing every everything adam you read the indictments in two courts the superseding indictments that degree of detail i have the corroborating witnesses who've already made plea agreements i mean they have paul manafort every every which way and clearly they're trying to trying to push him into in the cooperating metaphor is resisting every time the president suggests you might end up pardoning people that obviously makes it easier to contemplate not making a deal but the wealth of evidence that exists as david corn was saying earlier in this case that's already been made public is a stanchart david what do you think of the theory david ignatius just mentioned david corn the theory of the the idea of the pardon of scooter libby floating a pardon is essentially some kind of communication michael cohen or diploma paul manafort of both you know trump has in the in previous years showed no interest in the scooter libby case scooter libby porn to note was convicted prosecuted successfully for lying to the fbi and obstructing justice and now he comes trump to say you know doesn't bother me so much if people to the guy and obstruct justice to protect people in the white house which is what scooter libby did i mean it seems to be not a dog whistle but a bullhorn to people that may have your back but there's a lot of issues you still have to accept guilt if you do this there are state laws that might not be reached by pardon from the president and i think you know manafort's doing all he can to stay out of the out of jail for as long as he can.

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