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The fact that not only are we. The godparents of Norwegian Bliss. Such beautiful ship New York City is going to be the official home of Norwegian Bliss. Beginning getting in April can't wait so it'd be driving up and down the westbound highway when it's not out making people happy on its cruises. It'll be right there to smile at the westside highway. He's still a little ownership. When you see you? Ship treated with respect. I felt a tinge of ownership over Norwegian encore. The new ship as well. Yeah I do too. I feel like we own those well but anyway so I'm now going to give away a seven day cruise for two in a state room with a balcony. Nice if you you take bliss you can sail to Alaska or the Caribbean or you can or you can pick or no agent crews leading from any domestic port so it doesn't have to be on our blessed but I say our bliss it's kind of fantastic caller one hundred caller caller one. Liz Liz you win the big gift. Oh my God. How cool is that? I can't believe it. I've never gone through but I wanNA tell you. Since my children were small they used to listen to you and they would have died up in in the car with me right now. This is really tell you you can actually choose one of your kids to take your your favorite one. Please favorites on your mom Daniel for your favorite favorite sad bad. So Liz Liz Liz you just want a seven day cruise for two a state room with a balcony so you can watch the ocean go by you can sail to Alaska or the Caribbean on our herbalist. Like I said pick any Norwegian cruise that leaves from any domestic port. And if at least from other than where you live we will fly their airfare for twos. Okay my I got thank you so much. She wanted to begin with. Congratulations enjoy your crews. How fabulous is that so the headlines Norwegian bliss is relocating to New York City? You Can Cruise Alaska and the Caribbean seasonally from New York City through April. They have have. We have sailings to the Bahamas and Florida. We have fourteen days of sailing to the western Caribbean southern Caribbean.

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