Bob Gates, Yemen, United Nations discussed on Global News Podcast - Trump: America is a Nation in Mourning


Bob gates and condoleeza rice former defence sectarian sector state who recommended him and donald trump signed on so there has been conflict and this i don't think is going to help at all anthony zaka the saudi led coalition that's been fighting in yemen has been included on a draft un list of countries that kill and maim children in war the document says the coalition's forces were responsible for six hundred eighty three child casualties in 2016 after on schools and hospitals his diplomatic correspondent james lando every year the united nations publishes a list of armies all groups that have killed maimed raped or abducted children in war and the coalition of forces led by saudi arabia the trying to restore the government in yemen has long hoped to stay off that list but no longer a draft of the latest list for 2016 includes the coalition and accused of attacking schools and hospitals and causing six hundred eighty three child casualties in a conflict that's already left thousands of civilians dead the list also includes the iranianbacked toothy rebels and makes clear the saudis have put in place measures aimed at improving the protection of children charted say they expect the un secretarygeneral antenna guitars to approve the list formely later this month kevin watkins of save the children said it was a wakeup call for all sides in the conflict to stop violating international law james landale the nobel prize for chemistry has been awarded to three scientists whose revolutionary wave studying molecules under the microscope is said to have moved biochemistry into a new era junk do boucher y'all came francan richard henderson developed a technique known as crp electron microscopy professor frank explains the technique to tim francs electronic rosca p is the use of an instrument called an electron microscope to take images of biological structures particularly biological molecules a so it's it's really the use of electronic makarska p four looking at very very small articles so do we learn something about the structure of.

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