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Visit the Capitol Hill to take questions about the early days of the Russia investigation, and is handling of the Hilary Clinton Email investigation. We took hours of questions from members of two house committees on Friday, here's his reaction to what took place after a full day of questioning two things are clear to me one. We could have done this and open setting and two when you read the transcript, you will see that we're talking again about Hillary Clinton's emails sake. So I'm not sure we need to do this at all. But I'm trying to respect the institution and to answer questions in a respectful way. You'll see I did that in the transcript you'll see that. If you get a transcript of my return visit which I think will be week after next. And then this will be over. The. Nominee served as attorney general. The last time do you have confidence that he can act with impartiality if he's confirmed to this show I like in respect Bill bar. I know he's 'institutionalised who cares deeply about the integrity of the Justice department. So I'm sure he'll use the standard for resources. He has to judge what he should be bothering what he shouldn't be involved in. But Bill bar is a is a talented person. Who was a good attorney general the first time I liked him very much. I think he'll serve Justice. And I'm sure he'll talk to the career officials extensively. Have you? The Muller investigation at this point. I can't talk about that dot director. You can't talk about that. Came out and said government, lawyers, your brain interference and shutdowns specific lines of plush Nate did that happen. And if so what topics not? Read the transcript, then I think you will not see that happening. Specific topics that we still feel like you can't discuss from your time at the FBI director out the door for a year and a half. Now, what can't you answer? Well, the FBI for understandable reasons doesn't want me talking about the details of the investigation is still ongoing began when I was FBI director makes sense that they don't want me going into those details, but that's a very tiny part of what we talked about today. A whole lot of Hillary Clinton's emails, which will you? Next time. Figuring will be. There wasn't any talk of it. I think they want to do it the same way. I wish it we're going to be public. But I think we're gonna have to do the same way. Again. He said, you're okay with the nomination. So will you you have any concerns about the firing up Jeff Sessions and the president continuing going after sessions for not accusing himself. The president's attacks on the Justice department broadly, and the FBI are something that no matter what political party you're in. You should find deeply troubling and continue to speak out about not become numb to attacks on the firing of session specific by that I can count.

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