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Indeed from kaliningrad devos talk by road it simply wasn't possible before then even now the you're talking about two most way you're talking about roads which are actually percy primitive in quite difficult to navigate google i mentioned there you're there actually are driving instructions from point to point we think of russians generally in the west of the country you mentioned the metropolitan areas spending their money heading abroad beach resorts and things like that but to russians tempt to travel in their own country with those obstacles you mentioned well then you to do less i think they do now i mean now in the way this the choice if you want the some you go to egypt if you won't west to go to powers london new york but increasingly there is an interest in finding out discovering every of what real russia and bits of siberia including the nsa river to white water rafting also adventure things going down into the mountainous areas bordering central asia there are now all sorts of promoting discover your own country so i think there's a bit more of that going on especially among younger generation okay thank you for this mary i myself would love to plan a journey on that transsiberian railway i mentioned we shall leave it there thank you for joining us and that is it for this dishes of the briefing produced by reese james research by link offen our studio manager sarah miles the reading is back tomorrow at the same time join enter molar fort majori house that's live at eighteen hundred here in london thirteen hundred in new york city i'm daniel beach goodbye.

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