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The long long struggle takes when we met dr jupiter he had his monogram jacket which he took off for our interview but he explained how he normally wears the jacket in the hospital because it is one more visual cue to patients that he is a physician something he says people don't always expect from young black male it happens i don't think it's intentional i would like to think is not intentional but is very rare that you can walk into a room as a patient and when you see a black african american male with dreads and his hair and you know that this is my doctor until you formally introduce yourself or you will get the comments you know nurse or you know can you get this from your by you hit a clean room so to speak those things have all have all happened students at xavier hope to change those stereotypes we all recognize that people don't truly see us through we are we use that to motivate ourselves into tries show people you know for a lot more than what you take this is african americans went on to be greatest sports but we can be so much greater in other areas and i just feel like we need to be more representative here's a bright spot for minority transient field the number of black women applying to medical school is on the rise black women have something to prove xavier sophomore rachel hitchens has already been accepted into the university of rochester medical school been objectified for so many years we have to prove that we can be more than video dancers we can actually use our brain and i think that is that's the motivating force that's deep down within so many black women like myself and like the students we spoke to at this small new orleans college had big plans i wanna be orthopedic surgeon i wanna be a pediatric cardiologists i wanna be a role family practice physician best wine paving the way for another generation of african american doctors in new orleans for the pbs news hour i'm hari sreenivasan.

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