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Com forward slash greatness village and you can find it there. We have our own. We have our own tab in the village, philosophical Friday, coming there and at all the questions you want. And remember there are no stupid questions. You can find me on Twitter and Peter Birmingham at Peter Birmingham where the far at the end of it. On Twitter, post questions at me there, tag me, tag me in a question if you will. And then we have token who can be found. Yeah, ask them after on Twitter. And also if you want to instead of listen, you want to watch this podcast, see us get animated and excited about stuff. Why Alex? We do. I use a lot of hand gestures and stuff like that. I definitely have more of a face for radio, but you know, I got animated physically, so there you go. We should, absolutely. So why Alex beats Bobby? We post the video there every Friday. And again, make sure you also vote for the best question because we're going to be declaring a winner every week. And this week, the winner is the spiel. I absolutely love that question from Marie konicov as book. And incidentally, I believe Eric Seidel because he follow up with that, he said that observing any kind of lucky anything will distort one's thinking. And she agrees. Yeah, I mean, I don't know if it's going to be distorted, but I would say that it matters. Like actions matter. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. And so for the big reveal from our question from the start of the show in case anyone had forgotten, which online poker player and streamer said that when they're on a downswing, they shave all their facial hair because they believe it gives them a fresh start and a chance to get back to win in ways. So that is the great Jeremiah Williams, mister Williams being a very logical and sound player, never gets rattled at the tables. You watch him on stream. There are bad beats all over the place. Never but still believes on a downstream, he must shave his facial hair so well done, Jeremiah, thank you for thank you for providing providing that one to us and shout out good luck with your good look at your challenge. Absolutely and shout out to Jeremiah and I think with that, we believe everybody talked to them to next week, Peter. Thank you for another excellent podcast. Thank you very much, Duncan. And we will see you all next week. Take care.

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