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What you describe in your approach and your marriage, you know just speaks to why we have to learn to cultivate empathy. In people in our children because you need it to be successful in life in relationships because what you were talking about is essentially saying looking at the person you love in the eye and going I have to understand your context. So I can understand where that frustration where that anger where that joy is coming from and then speak to that. You know one of the things it makes me think about is that when you're in a marriage you do. Not Have the luxury of making the person in other you just don't have that luxury because you have to make this work. Yeah. There's the nuclear option of I'm out. Let's get a lawyer but a lot of people do that a lot of people do that. But for the most part, even people that have gone through a divorce have to still see that other person as a person and we've all had really good friends that have done really stupid things. And we've stuck with them because they're our friends and because it's a human being to us whereas if we were just hearing about them on MSNBC or Fox News, we could dismissed them. If, if we wanted to and I think it's just about being really close to someone you don't have that luxury you don't have the luxury of. You have to work it out. You just have to you. One of the reasons why I'm having these conversations about the importance of relationship in defining ourselves is that the core of who we are is built up of all these pieces our relationship with ourself our relationship with our family, our siblings, our spouses, our peers are co workers, you all of that conceptualizes us and gives us substance, but we don't take time to explore that to understand it. To understand how it impacts us. As a comedian you're whole profession requires insight, right? you observe and understand, and then interpret in a funny way what is going on in the world around us And we just can't take that for granted that work has to be done. i. i WanNa thank you Coenen for Oh my God. This is your incite. Yeah. Well, pick and choose the ones you lying and. Throw away the rest but Thank you. Thanks for having me. I had so much fun with Conan. Hopefully you did too. For those of you who are married, maybe you heard something that rang true and for those of you aren't I hope that conversation gave you a sense of what marriage might actually feel like or what you might WanNa be looking for in a partner. But no matter what I hope this conversation gave you a chance to listen not to me in Conan but to yourself to that little voice that tells you if there's something you want to work on or work through with yourself or with your partner, those realizations open you up to journeys that aren't always easy. But. They are always always worth it. So, with that I just went. Thank you for joining me Conan and thank you all for joining me for this part of our journey together. I will talk to you again very soon. Take care. Michelle Obama podcast is a spotify original presented and produced by higher ground audio and collaboration with a slight productions. From Higher Ground Audio Dan Firemen Anna homes, and looked Mohan are executive producers. Today memorable is our editorial assistant. Adam Saks is consulting producer from dust light productions, Michel Yussef is the executive producer. Win, next and Jonathan Shift are the producers additional production support from Mary NAF. Johnson shift is also our engineer. Manica Wilhelm is the archive will producer and transcriber breach Garcia is the dust light editorial assistant Daniel Ac don, Ostrov, and Courtney hold are executive producers for spotify. Special. Thanks to Mackenzie Smith. Joe Paulson Christina Schalke Melissa Winter China Clayton Alex May Carolina other. Morales, and Madan Halima skull. And thanks to Clean Cut Studio Search Party Music Tyler Lechtenberg Dylan Rupert Caroline Lipka Young Creative Agency and Dr on his Aaron our theme music is by Stevie wonder original music by Andy Clawson and Telly Fresco. The song you heard at the beginning of this show is love me right by sister. Thanks for listening to.

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