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Like to be smarter than the people that you're dressing up for so true today at work I warm. I wore my shining shirt. That just had the the twins on it. Yes and I had multiple people. Ask me who are those kids on your shirt just like? How can you in Highschool for me? It was like Oh like are you gonNA play. What player you in like? What's your costume for? Sure thought it was costume. Like every day is like you saying the rupaul. Thing world board naked the rest distracting. You love that vote now if someone asked you about your costume you'd be flattered right like just if you were walking down the street so my God like how did that cost you like doing it right today. Show good played. Then I'd be like come. See my show. We open on April. Both this is for my podcast. This week is referred my podcast costume also. Come Watch Mama Mia. This costume isn't from that. But I'm in it. I'll one other super relatable thing that I loved so much is. I decided to do what I always did. When I was depressed. Watch horror movies. Try to scare the sad this out of yourself. How seen how seem reveal me? I just wanted to talk about. Without spoiling it specifically the magic system in this book interest is so. It's it's it's just like everything else in this book like. It's it's very different and yet I feel like I've seen it before like it's familiar but not very unique very elaborate not familiar. It's its own language and anyone who has even the slightest bit of interest in like wordplay or was the etymology. You know like different languages. You'll really appreciate the spells in particular one of those things that I wanNA point out in this book because books like this. Have a tendency of either going like you know just like very fantasy. Don't question it. Sorta thing which I I love but But rarely digs into like kind of more of a hard magic system. Kind of actually successfully plays in both sandboxes. Yeah and I really like that because I love. I love a good hard magic system. Where like these are the rules? This is how it works. And normally you don't see anything like that in a book like this and this this stays very playful wall still having kind of a sense to it. Yeah I kinda gets into that magical realism. Yeah I love so much. So smart Can I hit us with the appeal score? Before we move onto the spoiler section. We'll go in the same order. Listen from our podcast Emma Devil. Yeah what's Your Jonah? Junkies Appeal Score. You know honestly I think I'd give it give it broad. I do a lot of people could could get into this not not like everyone because not everyone loves the craft like we do. I do think a lot of people especially women would would jump on this and feel seen and and And Style J. Yeah Yeah Yeah I love that answer and I. I'm pretty much right there with you. I'm I'm somewhere between a general and broad. It's hard because there's a lot of you know why and we're not super into like this is why this isn't why this is a young adult. This is new adult or any of that stuff. We're always just like a good book is a good book but I will say this one. I don't know that I'd recommend it for maybe like a baby. Boomer like analysts Nicole. I'm not sure I and that's a generalization but I think that you'd have to probably be a gen-x or younger to to really appreciate this book so I have to kind of scale it back a little bit but I mean I'm sure there's boomers who would love this book and I love the idea of them reading it but With love this book exactly there's exceptions but it's like I think of like we always used Scotts Mama's an example. I don't think she would enjoy the interest in it whatsoever. But there's other way that I know she would love and she has loved that we've told her absolutely and I I happen to agree with you. I think it's it's it's I think it's somewhere between general and broad. I'm a little bit more towards general which I think that this is great for just about anybody who is you know gen-x and younger so basically all of the children of the world. I don't think there's been an adult since the boomers so but agree boomers and of course we'll basically if you haven't seen drafted in a war of but I think I think that within that range mass I mean there's very little in our generation particularly which I guess we're all millennial millennials right. Yeah I was just thinking yeah I think that this is a real strong millennial book like just if you are a millennial just just read it. Even more than essential I think millennials and really cool. What's Your Appeal Score Kelly? It's probably just wishful thinking but I go with mass because I think there are so many you teens so many of my fellow teams that need to read this and need to feel seen and by this I agree and just the just the playfulness. The humor of it. I think is so appealing. I absolutely love this universe. This world that she's created an like. Oh my God. This is only the first book like. There's so much more to come. This is so exciting. I can't wait and this is her first novel. I think so. I'm just so excited to read anything else. She does your. I'm going. I'm going mass. I'm going all the way going. Big Go bigger the hall. Yeah I'd like to believe that for the unions today a lot of teen girls for that. I see from fully interwebbed. Yeah I will say I. I think there's a lot of kids and tweens. That probably aren't going to be allowed to read it because I think parents are going to be scared by the title. Having coven in the parents are going to be scared. And they shouldn't because which is your kids are going to WanNa read it even more Amen I actually heard that she was originally. She originally wanted the title of the next book to be called big curse energy.

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