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Pizzeria manager and a fast food drive. Thru place was opening next to us, and I remember being worried about that and my boss said Don't worry about it. Business makes business like more people will come this way because they want to go to that place and they might not have even known about us so it will help us in the long run. And you know, I don't I don't remember what the bottom line in an opinion on that, but it's always stuck with me. Business makes business So is all of this good in general for The gambling industry. I think so. Yeah, I think it's important for We're spending to be regulated and legalized all over the U. S on I think eventually we get to a point where Force folks won't be able to operate in the U. S. Without being regulated and and it's important because people want to have They want to feel safe about. Placing bets and having their money be safe. And, um, yeah, I think we're headed in the right direction. And eventually we'll have the majority of the US being able to do this legally. We are with Bret Colson. The lines dot com is the site might show up in the bulldog W gr brat. I know from setting this up with you that you have found the M V P odds. Interesting. I think. Yeah, certainly that that's where I always start with my props. Research. It's It's the most popular prop market. Patrick Holmes and Tom Brady. Of course, the most popular bet so far for M V P. And it's such a unique prop because you're not strictly betting on field performance. Like every other market. You're betting on what a panel of voters and fans will do with their vote, So you kind of have to work narrative. Into who you want to bet on like who was the face of this team who was the most valuable player to that team all season. Those things can certainly play into the decision of voters and their natural naturally going to want to give MPP to the high profile quarterback, which we saw last year with the home so really played poorly through three quarters last year and won the award anyway. I think there were like two or three other players who made pretty strong cases last year, But the stud quarterback got the votes and that's not surprising, and that's why You see my homes? Mm Brady, as is the clear favorite to win it this year. Usually I like to look down the betting board for like a star defensive player who helped lead the team to this point. Who, if you make some huge game changing plays is going to jump right in the M V P conversation. Someone like von Miller, who won then VP when the Brock was one of the few years ago, Like Peyton Manning was the quarterback for the team, but He had already fallen off the age cliff, and it was the Broncos D and especially von Miller, who got them the Super Bowl and he makes in place and was voted M V P Do you remember his price? By the way, Brad. Remember his price? I do because the accident in one of my famous but I remain. He was. He was 50 to 1. Yeah, you don't want it was 50 to 1. And last year, I bet Nick both for the same reason, like the Niners didn't have that stud quarterback who voter might just hand the award to just because The formula has got there because that pass rush, Nick Post. It was the face of that pass rush, so I saw that is a pretty good opportunity to bet. Yeah, I had I had depot in that game. I remember liking. Remember liking Bosa from this conversation a year ago. Um, now with you breath, but like on our show. Yes, you did. Right. You did like them. Had Debo Samuel. I think he was 80 to 1 and I I thought I thought it had a chance for a while in this game, but he did make a few plays, but Never a great chance. So who is that guy? This year's Toronto. Trying Matthew, maybe is is that is that what's his number? Like Ivan Ivan looked Matthew is right around. I think he's one of the lowest. I think it's like 40 toe one. The problem is, is my home. I can't see a path to the chief's winning and my home. Not getting it. I think I would take a couple interceptions and maybe a pick six by a Matthew or Bershad Breeland to steal that award away in a Casey win. The same can be said for Brady. I think voters are gonna want to give Brady the award. But Narrative going into this game is How do you stop Patrick Mahomes, and it's the Bucks conducive that it's probably going to come from pressure up front against this beat up. She is offensive line, so I think you could make a case for an address her like a shack there it for Jason Pierre Paul. Long odds to win. M v P. Um but, yeah, more often than not. This is the quarterback award, and you got two huge names in this one. So it's really hard to make a case for any of these long shots Other than maybe an address, sir, I like to kill Barrett. He he would be mine. I like Tampa Bulldogs on the Chiefs. And he was also just coincidentally on that Denver team Barrett that one you were talking about them already with with bread, Coulson. So a couple I had written down for the game, Brett Um See Brady not to throw a pick. At plus 1 50 really like I could make 3 to 2 if Tom Brady doesn't throw an interception. I think I might try that. I actually like the other side of that We didn't just just the way the chief the blitz with their cornerbacks and Brady more than ever before. Just like chucks it downfield, right?.

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