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But katherine begin so there was a really interesting hail. Mary rescue of an antibiotic plant. In tennessee. it was purchased. It was essentially about to be mothballed. It was purchased for a dollar by a uk company. Who sent a guy named david argyle to the tennessee. Antibiotics plant to say. Hey is this planned but viable. What did we buy he got there. He saw this incredible Corps among the workers and among the management You know they had a critical mission which was making antibiotics amoxicillin for the us market so Argyll got creative and he's australian. What he did. He placed the plant into a chapter eleven bankruptcy. Then he working with tennessee elected officials. He got the plan. Designated as critical infrastructure under a federal agency called cisa which is a cyber security infrastructure cyber infrastructure security agency got a designated as critical infrastructure. And then working with a team. He found an american buyer for it and now the usa has an antibiotics plant at a time when almost one hundred percent of our penicillin is made overseas. We now have a functioning antibiotics plant in the us. So what could be done at morgantown. The biden administration could designate the plan as critical infrastructure which would stop it's equipment and its intellectual property from going overseas. They could come in and rescue it under the defense production act and get government involvement in the plan in order to save it but the question is why in the middle of a pandemic when it has been clearly revealed that there has been supply chain crisis after supply chain crisis. Would the biden administration. Let this plan slipped through america's fingers right now. We're going to continue this conversation. After break we're talking to catherine yvonne vanity fair writer Who's asking where. Joe manchin is in all of this the piece We can't reach him. Joe mansions ghosting the west. Virginia union workers jobs. His daughter helped outsource. And we'll continue talking to joe jogos. Who is the local chapter president of the union..

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