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10 with Tyminski and Doyle on Bill Doyle and I'm Jeff Tyminski, 1 802 83101.5. Okay, Now what we're about to talk about this is something that I have thought about for a long time. I'll tell you what actually inspired me. Tonto. Wanna bring this up with you today, Bill. It's actually the show before us, Dennis and Judy something that Dennis Malloy wrote. Okay for the Dennis and Judy Page and Jay wanted 15 dot com. And it has to do with contact tracers. It's called New Jersey Contract. Sky always do that, because of the traits. New Jersey contact tracers still having a tough time? And Dennis starts off writing about how I'm Excuse me how he is known several people. In his family or his circle of friends, and they were contacted by the contact tracers Well, Yes, but he says that all of them Excuse me. All of them had contracted covert 19 some my old some more serious far. Sorry for my throat, Everybody. Um But they had one thing in common that they were all contacted by the state. And he goes on to write about how When they all got it, and they found out that they had it. That he did everything that they were supposed to do that all these people that Dennis knew that they had quarantined and that the people that they knew that they had been around that they You know of their own volition contacted them. Basically, they did their own contact. Tracing is basically what he was getting at. Um No, I don't know. You know if if they got into the minutia of every single last little store they had been into the day before they got tested positive things like that. And of course, that's where the state contact tracing would come in. So You know, I have no idea how far they took it, You know, on the room. But The rest of his article. He just talks about how people still even at this point just are not wanting to answer any questions when they are approached by contact, tracing. And in fact, he links to an article that goes back to last month. Also in N j 115 dot com about how only about 20% or even answering their phones. I can believe that Right? Well, and you know where I could believe that? I'm sure we're thinking the same thing is Beyond the pandemic well before the pandemic. We just got trained to never answer phone calls on her cell phones. If it's not, if it doesn't show up is one of your contacts right to telemarketing, right? If it's not a call you're expecting, and if it's not one of your contacts, you tend to just let it go to voicemail. So then, once you do that, it's much easier to just ignore. Ah, voicemail from a contact tracer rather than actually just hang up on a contact racer. But then I went to that link, and this goes back to David Matthau story from last month, and it talked about how 74% of those reached by New Jersey's contact tracers. Refused to cooperate. So you know the way I'm reading. This is even when they do get you. Most people don't want to answer any questions, and Dennis wraps up this whole thing. Um, I'm not saying he's wrong. Okay, Here's this final. Like, he says. People are on edge from this past year, as it is giving up personal information to some faceless rep from the state of New Jersey is going to be a real hard sell. And I think he's right now. No, I would and I keep anticipating may be getting a call from a board of health or whatever. Or directly from the state with contact tracing simply because I have teenagers who go to two different schools and both of these two different schools. They continue to have covert cases pop up, and every time we get an email, the email always says you will be notified. By, you know, County Health Department within 24 hours. If your child had any possible contact with this person, and so Like I'm kind of predisposed to like waiting for the coal, you know, through the schools, and so I have it in my head. I know that I would cooperate with him because I don't think that they're actually looking for anything. Militias. I don't think I'm looking to do anything malicious. I think they're just trying to retrace steps. And if your kid hadn't been exposed, where has your kid Ben lately? You know, Have they been in any kind of like crowded party that we should also then tell those people about But people don't want to do it, and I'm not knocking anybody who doesn't want to do it. I just want to know. Has anybody been approached? Have you had any experience whatsoever with contact tracing here in New Jersey from the New Jersey Department of Health? Or maybe it's like a county. Department of Health called you because there was something popping up in your kid's classroom. What mean whatever the situation And tell us Did you cooperate? Did you never even call them back? Did they leave? A voicemail was an email. How exactly are they even trying to contact people? How How ruthless are they? Like, have a contact. Tracer leaves you a voice mail, for example, I got so many questions about this. If you don't call them back. Well, they may be just try one more time. And then that's it. Or are they calling you five times a day for an entire week before they give up? Very, very curious How all this works because all I know about it is most people don't like it and are not cooperating, but that's all I know. And like, what about this style? The being overbearing when they call, do they do they put on this? Like, you know, Authority act that has maybe putting people off like like Is it a tell instead of an ask or they actually They actually saying, you know. You have to call us by blah, blah, blah, blah. But rather than playing exactly are they coming off? Kiefer are the yellow Kiefer Sutherland on you, or is it more like? Hey, I know this is an intrusion. I'm sure this won't take very long and like, are the apologetic I've really, really curious about all of this. So if you've had any experience that's good. You used to watch that show. Could you please give us a call 1, 802, 83101.5, Nick and Lawrenceville. You're on New Jersey, One on one point. Five. Hey, guys, I just got over having it 23. It spent the last week locked in my room. And about three days after I got a positive task. A lady called me. And I just woken up. So I was like, Listen, lady, if I don't know where I got it, And how am I supposed to help you by telling you where I got it, And I'm going to get not comfortable giving out my phone number and information over the phone. Someone I don't know, you know? Could I ask when you got this incoming call. Didn't even show up as like New Jersey Department of Health on your phone, Or was it just an unknown number two? You? I recognized the area code is being in New Jersey. But outside of that, I've no idea. Okay. And how do you remember? Obviously you didn't think anybody was going to ask you this question later on, But But do you remember what came out of her mouth first, like was it Wasn't like I'm sorry to bother you. Where was it? Like, very like, you know, heavy handed the way she talked to you. Do you remember any of that? I mean, there's only so much you can get people to do over the phone, so she was kind of like politely asking, like, Could you possibly help me and I was like, I'm sorry. I don't I don't know what to tell you. So it's not like they were trying to force me. Okay. Well, that part's good. Was she trying to ask you? Once you found out you were positive. Did she ask you? Do you remember if you had been in certain stores, a certain places like, say the 48 hours before your your positive test. Knows that there was nothing specific or anything like that. I don't even know where I got it. But it was no names or anything. See, that's odd to me. Hey, Nick, we really appreciate your calling. Thank you. Because I mean what you think What did that shouldn't that be one of the number one questions that you know? Okay, we We understand that you tested positive on the fifth. That's when you got your positive result. Did you quarantine the two days while waiting for your test or.

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