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Caught offside with Andrew gumming and JJ Davani. Side of Manhattan, Andrew gumming, and j j Batty, what's. Oh, yeah. Spurs are on their way to Madrid taught them's got it too. Happening. What's going on? This is actually happening five years ago. When we started this podcast, right? Let's get. That's where were we I. So I actually right before our first ever episode. I had just returned from a trip to London where I went to White Hart Lane. It was the Tim Sherwood year. Like, that's where they were Liverpool. What were you eighth? No, no, no, no the year. We started was the year of Liverpool's title race. Oh, that's right. That's Ross like within within a few months. Suarez. It gone Bonna Telia been signed and Rickie Lambert on it was just a a pretty miserable slalom under Brennan Rodgers until we ended up. Here's a better one so four years ago. Twenty fifteen the pod wasn't was approaching its first year anniversary, you Spurs be knocked out of the round of thirty two. Two of the rope league to fiorentina at the Sada moment, and we got knocked out to shift. His like the soccer gods. Have given us a five year anniversary present that we never could have possibly imagined? This is think oh turgid Spurs were in the group stage. Oh, look think of that night in Zagreb when Liverpool. Sorry Belgrade excuse me, where Liverpool lost until we thought. While there. They'll have to focus on the league. Now, you know, like just oh my God. Did we get here? I don't know a caught offside Cup for the Champions League. If a if this happened in like a Europa league quarterfinal, we would have been like this Liverpool and Todd this is a big deal. We gotta make this is for all of Europe someone that by the way, your tweets have been unbelievable I've been dated it's impossible to like our reply to all of them. But somebody said this is for all the marble. Bills. I just like. I just couldn't stop laughing all say that. We'll talk about both games in great detail and just a few moments. But there's just like this is just sports emotion in like all its glory. These games were just it was just every part of you know, every feeling that human being can feel encapsulated in ninety minutes windows. It's it's high intensity a motion that the likes of which we haven't seen best be honest in this competition in the last few years that has swung around on..

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