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He doesn't look like he's dressed up for the mooyoung he's wearing like he looks like he's shooting like a gucci adgas he's like the way he looks normally as like a weird have mad rings on your like johnny depp get a fucking kaluga great right the arabic are the power movies you likes to let the the the last pirates yeah we like the pirates when we both like alas yeah no i was pretty good are you done with depth though are you are you over and over the depths it dip as far as i'm concerned house earning shots fired your depth i think he's lost a step ooh although on this going to be for anyone over thirty in here dep just ain't gelian anymore puzder like a 35yearold kinzo that use of air veronica back in the day the deadline nick all right let's let's brag about johnny depp everybody they were awesome we've we three in a row in johnny depp sitting in front of us can you had a picture of those raised the grid our it what i was just about to make a transition and then i got a copying bit okay let's talk about this week's chain nikolai airbnb or with an iron wong yeah we ever this airbnb we have a we've got like kind of like we've got two stories which is very nice we've got an downstairs which is the bear dan it's right for hibernation.

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