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Anything anymore. How was your experience on the view who sorry it just happens naturally? Sorry guy it was well. Just the little baby troll that my sister reminded me of yesterday is. I went on there wearing a dress of skeleton. Just the dress had a skeleton on it and they didn't even notice that I was like you dumb pitches. Excuse my language. But I'm just like you're flipping out about something. That's not a thing because you got in trouble for talking trash about nurses yesterday so now you need a villain today. I'm watching your news cycle of your show. So they're like Oh quick. Women hate us. We have to throw someone under the bus and I've talked about this before but they lied to me about why was coming on. They said it was to talk about women in Comedy. And how does a double standard? And then right before the show. I saw backstage. What they were actually gonNA run and it was like hates fat people fat. Shame or all this stuff and I'm like you dicks. You couldn't go toe to toe with me when I had time to prepare. Who were even any kind of heads up? So it's like I'll stay show. That's what I did L. Stay chill and let them flip out. Who are the hosts then when you were on? What year was that there was? There was joy there was that so raven was sitting beside the female on that yes played ahead and Raven. Yeah Yeah and I remember her saying to be Nicole. How are we supposed to know what's in our food in my? I'm like bitch flipping over the ingredients listed but I'm just I was dumbfounded that this is reality right and this was on the show right and the thing. That's about reality. Is that and I talk about this. All the time is that. They're almost like promoting people to ruin their lives by like making everything. Okay everything about acceptance when there are things that you just shouldn't accept listen. Lizl makes great music lasagna with her asset if the NBA game. Here's how you know it's an appropriateness not about body positively if a dude in the same shape rolled in with atlas chat to an NBA game. He would be escorted out by security so if we want equality which we do why. Liz Owes Booty Hall okay to be on the seat that an NBA game in front of it was absolutely fussing. And I'll just in case people watching this. Don't know what you're referring to us. Look up so all right not actually I recommend looking it up but Lonzo is an artist and she is quite large And she went to a basketball game. Don't know who's playing and she decided to wear Chaps that had no a too short draws booty as she cut the Mobutu out and so now She in the middle of halftime like went to the sideline started touring with her full out with her. Thong showing in the middle and it created this sort of Internet firestorm. Unlike UELI wave yes. It was really disgusted lavishly disgusting and people try to make it about. Oh it's because people woN'T ACCEPT PEOPLE BEING FAT. It's like no. I don't care if you're thin. You should address like that to a basketball game where people bring their sons and their daughters. I've been on the sidelines. People with their your their three year olds you know taking their. It's absolutely disgusting. It's just it's actually a form degeneracy and they've made this okay and become this icon now of fat acceptance and it's like listen you can like you know. Accept being fat all you want. But you're just not gonNA live as long. So that's the trade off right so you should ask. You can pretend you're having a good time but at the end of the day your life is going to be cut short because there's an inevitability of like the fact that this is an issue ebonic in America yes and you can't shame your arteries out of being clogged. It's not gonNA it's not GonNa work and she's a fantastic dancer fantastic performer. She will not be dancing like that for much longer. Because you can't handle it and I just I don't know if there's anyone in her camp is ever going to tell the truth but hopefully show. I think she's a great singer. Songs are great. I mean on the flip side of that though is Adele who just lost a lot of weight and now she's getting skinny shaved. Why yes yes. I just saw us in the press. They're saying how dell who everybody knows and has an incredible voice or if you just lost I mean they said stones are into Brazil Brazil. How many stones shoes loss? But she looks like she's lost a good one hundred pounds. I got easily And she looks amazing and she looks great and she looks healthy and now they're saying that she's too skinny. There was something wrong with her. I know I know darting these headlines. She looks she looks fantastic and she needed to get herself into shape because a she was a really big girl. But you can't say that anymore. You can cancel. We just did. We have survived so many cancels like there could be like a nuclear war right now. I know I say it. Funny I'm Canadian and we'll survive like the once. You've been canceled this many times. They get mad. They just get mad and they just leave you alone. Yeah so what is the climate in Canada like right now are you guys have the Trudeau Trudeau? Yes we also have the raptors NBA Champs. We drink yeah. He started from the bottom here. Yeah we have bieber. He's Yummy the weekend. He's whining about something. The other day hanging supermodels like but we're just kinda chill people. There are some of I do live in the US. Most of the time. Now I am illegal immigrants. You know there was way to do it. Legally I thought the only option TOPLINE OUT IN AMERICA. I just a legal method. Are you saying guys? This is breaking news right. There is a legal way to get into America. I can't even believe it. I we had no idea like had to pay a lot of money. Had to wait a lot of years and then it that to me and I'm just so proud of it I carry it around with me. 'cause I'm a Dork like that but that to me was my Michelle Williams with her plastic trophy like that. You have to kill a baby to a few feet. They didn't they were they. Were no one wanted those babies. I mean you'd think I'm married to an immigrant too and like we're going because it's so nice and when you go through the process it just frustrates you. Even more that there are people that just have no respect for the process and just cut in line. I think that it should be a joke because it is expensive behind. We had to get a lawyer to make sure things. You've done the right way but just asking for you to mess up on the application. I mean there's so many questions. Yeah I'd have a hundred pieces of press written about me those favorable That hard work what it is. He's April that part. I couldn't do true omitting parts of it. Wise have the article missing your sh one hundred pieces of press. I had to have letters from different employers in the US guaranteeing. I'd make a certain income. I had to have letters from officials in the government to get me in like it was a thing right and I'm so proud of it and that's why do get annoyed when people jumped the line right like hey like stay. Get back there. I had to do it. It took me years. We should do it to have. You been embraced by a lot of people. I mean in the comedic space because I kind of see the death of comedy happening right now with the cancel nine years ago. You tweeted this thing and it's bad so ten years later. We're GONNA cancel you. Yeah it's weird. 'cause I find that comedy is coming back and punching hard. The podcast crew at a New York City is so funny. If you look into like the podcast big comedy ones in New York. They're hilarious a lot of them are coming to La but there were these. Kinda WHOA CASH STANDUPS IN L. A. That I'm just I'm just like you guys are annoying. Yeah but I think there's a ton of amazing standups coming. I feel like the pendulum is coming back. The other way and stand up kick in full force and I'm excited to go back into that space again. I actually think that Ricky Gervais she just knocked the door down a golden globes. I think he did something that people won't realize the cultural significance of that until years to come because so many people were afraid and they've been afraid for so long. Issued so many apologies. I mean the biggest letdown with Kevin. Hart issuing the apology. That was yeah. That was yeah it was it was bad for Comedians. I I feel the same way and I understand he is. He's got his family. He has no heartbeat. He has a company has people. He's paying I get the move I do. It was kind of. I know he didn't WanNa do that. And if you watch on. Netflix is his series. He's arguing with his publicist about it. He didn't WanNa do it and then he kind of had to. Yeah and then. You're even seeing now like I read an article recently. That Eddie Murphy. Just recently said that he went back and watched on his stuff when he was younger and it wasn't right for him to say certain things and make certain Joan delirious all the gay jokes. Yeah he's saying like he's doing. Like the retrospect just in case they mind this in cancel me like. I'm going to go ahead and apologize for that and I actually think it's sad for a lot of reasons but the biggest reason is that comedy is such necessary band-aid ability for people to get on stage and make fun of people in the room for all of their differences right. And I I always talk about Chris. Rock's bigger and blacker so he is just so irreverent. Comes out there making fun of White People. Making Fun of black people and hitting truths to talking about issues cultural issues in the black community talking about white people. First thing he doesn't he gets on stage is like why people you guys sitting in the back tonight and like so funny and you get through it and you laugh in your and by the end of it everyone feels better because you realize that you're not perfect and we all kind of suck we all suck we all suck. We're all awesome and we all saw thought. Yeah exactly and that's beautiful and there's is here. Here's a burger of America. I'm not even going to just say less because I don't like to even pick aside. Even though a lot of my thoughts do tend to fall on one side these days right but there's a group of people who just think their shit does not stink right. That anything they say is right. Here is the stickiest. So they're just full of Shit Ironic. That's the problem is comedy the great equalizer. You gotTa Punch up down side side. Just just hit everybody right and I know that that's why videos went. Viral is because I just I didn't care well I'm going to say the real thing and I don't care how you react to truth and that's what good comedy is and I hope to be doing that in the future and I hope all my comedy friends. Just start kicking ass. I don't give a shit the more you don't care about what the people who are offended everything. Say More fun you have in the more. The audience likes it. Just makes it easier because then people can see themselves as human beings and and realize that we shouldn't be striving to be perfect and I was actually watching a ton of Louis C. K. stuff the other day. He's so good so good and he has this like he has this of course but maybe skit and it's so brilliant because what he basically is doing is he's going through like the things that we always go. Oh of course. That's what I think. Of course she's a little voice. The Baghdad is like like totally totally irreverent south. And what was so brilliant about it is that he's tapping into everybody's like subconscious like that place in your head where it's just like everybody has awful thoughts right..

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