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Here was a great news story about a great comeback. The guys get all the money in the world wasn't about winning money. It was about a guy who has broken down who went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows climbing back up that mountain and getting it done again. Unbelievable mazing story girlfriend wearing a cold shoulder tap, which is one of that. When I saw Dave. Style. Now. Dave loves them. Doesn't shake what's a sun hat. That's half black hat. Yeah. And if you cut taggers interview, but Tigers daughter lost a state toc soccer tournaments aturday. Tiger did with anyone would do with their own private plane. He said once the masters, she didn't fly commercial. Pretty sure she didn't get on the nearest frontier. Jet at seven twenty two. I do that. Sometimes like, I'll say, listen, call my pilot. And I'll say listen could you fly to get advocate and bring her out to me? Yeah. Okay. If seven Twenty-three actually saved what are you have Chicago police chief warning people about a series of smartphone? Thefts in the loop will have their warning coming up at seven thirty from the WGN newsroom. Many accidents this morning s Lipper conditions on the roadways, so many accents cruiser era. The Chicago land weather as issued emergency snow plan. Now, the state police say they're under the snow plan, which means if you're involved in an accident you need to go exchange information foul report at a later time because there's so many minor accidents going on on the Eisenhower outbound the Jane burn interchange. All lanes are still blocked.

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