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Why are they layering her over and over again? When you're that. When you can't see the loft voice. I like you say you just put Jack. Oh, man. Oh, man. Choices here. All right. John legend hands down per h. Kevin. Doc ID conscious. Got that. Patrice mushin. Forget me not feels hotel. Mellow africa. Rosie whatever's Kevin said. Anna. Doc akon. All right. That John legend was stolen from the equalizer. The movie. Remember the theme song the exact same phone, really? Lawsuit or you can Brown. Shocker. We'll go with her. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. Chocolate phone today, or at least her produce and love, Florida, Georgia. But I gotta go with John legend this a great vocal. And maybe because it sounds like a king. Equalizer. You're right. But I liked it. I liked. Since I didn't remember the song from the eagle is I'm gonna go with this one too. But that's not enough to overcome the majority Chaka Khan takes home the honor some guests Todd, by the way. Drummer with a little extra time. Yeah. I I hope that. I hope that there are other songs on the album that allow sink. That's right. That's all up. All right there. We go. Feels different on Tuesday. Chose. Message.

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