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There's a a parish in Sharonville the embassy on Cristiano el Calvario and in insurance bill and there's a an affidavit now out a complaint from a detective against says he's our Guerrero who is the pastor of the church involving a claims of sexual misconduct involving a minor involving a someone who's a a member of the church and he has the cleric of that church according this affidavit so more on that coming up in minutes on seven hundred W. out of the first though kind of an update on this is important stuff not just to dwell on this out sick and twisted business so we have gone on the world whether it's that a man shootings but I'm not you caught this that the president is talking about starting on September first which is just a few short weeks away an additional ten percent tariff on three hundred billion dollars of Chinese goods the results so far has been the GDP projections have the the GDP expectations and the outlook has been downgraded to an a question of is this the new Cold War as a something you could now go on for generations let me bring Nathan backtracking from simply money to talk about this to give some perspective on the global trade war between us and China Nathan I kinda get it that the president is using a position of power here because the economy the dollars extremely strong right now in yep you negotiate from a position of power not weakness and so he's doing that right now but is the weakening things in an effort to strengthen things of that make sense it's a mess so the answer so I'm asking you I don't know yeah yeah yeah so the answer to that would be yes well listen there were eight every politician this is not political but every president as he gets up and as I want a strong dollar wonderful then you know what happens they secretly want to cheapen the dollar because that makes our goods better more attractive to other countries and then that stimulates exports and that means you and your friends and neighbors all have more work to do and everybody's happy accepted the hours a little cheaper well everybody else has come up with the same ideas of the rest the world friend cheapen their dollar at the same time we're trying to cheapen hours but look let's be clear about something tariffs are forget forget the word terror of these it's not a terror of Loni it's a tax right all right there in that that makes sense to me yeah we're taxing P. okay to say techno terror because it gets passed on to consumers to buy you doing right now we've taken in about seventy billion dollars in tariffs since we started imposing tariffs on Chinese goods so far we have said we're gonna take all of the the present administration is taking all the money giving it to farmers because the Chinese were very tactical and saying let's see okay you're gonna tech put terms on us than minimum eight no more soybeans okay that's it for you we're not by name more soybeans because we took a look at the electoral map in two you got a lot of electoral votes in full where they make soybeans including by the way state of Ohio Sir so the government is presents a look what we're take the terrace we're gonna give you the farmers well now with another three hundred me a billion dollars worth of goods that will be tactically like your I. phones are we now saying that those of poor pitiful I phone owner will now sort of paying a thousand will pay eleven hundred dollars that's worth ten percent terror of would be a will that slowdown animal and then of course with a slowdown apple production in China and then will that affect the Chinese economy so everybody shooting themselves in the foot hopper I go all out who shall and we believe and I just you know unfortunate America sometimes we believe that because we have the best system gone and because we're in such a position of strength that there's nothing that the other guys who don't have the military where with all the economic where with all that they can keep up with us well couple days ago the Chinese decided to devalue their currency right and when that happened all of a sudden all hell broke loose markets Collette you know to the big dive backwards were my goodness they're not playing nice in the sandbox forty expect them to do I mean we're putting taxes all over and we're slowing down their economic growth and here's a stat that if I'm a Chinese leader and I got a billion people who if they get angry at me I'm in trouble here's a stat that the you are here but all of a sudden graduates are coming out of the universities in China and they don't find jobs whoa what happens when that happens in this country right we start to go with we got we got behind my ticket to being middle class my all those hard war years and you know cheating on the SAT tests and everything else I had to do in China in order to get ahead whoa wait a second maybe things are getting a little shaky so we're starting to see a lot of signs in China that this is going to have a cost them but you know the first thing they said was well we can our currency now they sort of moderate down a little just to let everybody know though yeah we can do this but maybe the next thing they'll do is okay you wanna play play this game orchestra by lots of oil from Iran I would you think that Mr about president trump and so we see the oil markets take a dump oil markets to get dumped but that will market your taking a dump because the rest of the world is slowing down and the real question to ask when you get rid of all the of blue smoke and mirrors here is how long can the United States continue to have good solid growth we just saw unemployment numbers going down again right how can we continue to potter along wrote what will be two percent growth while the rest of the world maybe slowing down substantially and if the trade war keeps going on long enough we will ultimately find that we cannot be the only good look I'm pagan yeah here's some good Americans can only buy so much and we can only export so much in it the exports declined well that impacts jobs it's a trickle of factor yeah I'm not a current localist I'm not a globalist I will tell you it we are all connected world to live on the same planet but here's the good news about a year ago interest rates will just shy of three percent if you want the loan the government money for ten years ago really give you two point nine two percent now today and this is it and and all mortgage rates are based on the ten year treasury this morning I wake up and even the rates have gone up there a one point seven six that's a forty percent decline in what the government has to pay when they borrow money from the rest of the world or from you what does that mean I have a bug in the death and are my friends because it it just so happens that my mortgage is with the credit union Emory credit union which is the first floor my building every time rates go down I go down teleport talk Cain president to go can I drop my rates again because you or do you just go for a couple years ago don't go record something I'm gonna come go when you look at the rates can I get the longer term can I do this can I do that but you should go to your banker and if there's any chance and I don't care for the sick cost a thousand two thousand dollars to refinance your house by by half a point for several thousand year for the next ten years I will treat two thousand now for ten thousand of those ten years every day's Marty take advantage of these rates this is how you turn turmoil into problems and you lock down lower I pro it may they may go lower you do what I do I go back down to say hello time it's Banik you again yeah me again and sunset because it makes two grand every six months off you well it's not thank because he kept the loan which is something else are we going to borrow money Estakhr into the bank if they're gonna hold that loaner they're going to sell it because it's a lot easier to do what I just said if they hold I make I make so we can this stock market continue to grow a killer our economy continued to grow when the rest of the world could be slowing down so if I understand in the middle of a trade war and now it's a trade war by the way and after this if it goes on long enough I will tell you know chairman the federal reserve or anybody else you'd be help able to help it's going to get down right nasty and we will pay a price trade wars I must say take issue with the president yeah they may be worth it and I actually buy it and here's the thing here within the politics forget Republican or Democrat the Chinese cheat the Chinese steal our proprietary information they won't let us into their markets that all the rest of the suffering argue about doesn't matter to me but let us operating your markets and don't steal our stuff and we probably can come up with an agreement the darn fast so unless somebody's piling on here which case we should throw flight let's get those two things salt and I agree those are worth fighting for but like any war and this is economic war be clear on that Saloni like any war if you're gonna ask Americans to go to war give them a good case for it I'm not so sure that we've always articulated why it is that were in this war and what does it mean to you why does it help you to know your job will be securing your company will be secure at the end of the day though forget about your paycheck the president and Congress are working to move the economy forward and that means stocks and half of you we know statistically don't have owned one share of anything in America except your paycheck to stop written yourself out the store some money is economies own politicians go old Amir build the economy you can go yes and my four oh one K. one up in my or anyone up and thank you very much native Bacharach simply money more this tonight six a five over on a fifty five care C. kind of making some sense there of the the chain he's terrace in the impact has pretty much everything we buy from trees the vegetables the closed electronics to gun you name it it's all jammed up in this day and thanks again for the time let me get to a news update when return the wife here Michelle Sloan some real estate stuff to keep in your money on your mind in your mind on your money that I would be a song seven hundred W. seven hundred W. 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