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Sons against the nuggets without jamal murray will barton will barton is at the second. We'll bart referencing heard history the headline. We'll be nuggets overcooked by scorching sons. This one is not going to be difficult. I like the sons in five colin. This is denver team. You know what yokich is gonna give you. Thirty three and ten great passes just see if the other guys can beat you. And when austin rivers and monte morris are absolutely a visceral portland blazers. I felt bad. But guess what. The sons are. Actually a good defensive team. Yeah bridges on the wing crowder. Did you watch how much lebron struggled inside last night. Yeah they packed the pain. And i think this team is legit. I can't believe they're still plus six fifty at fox bet to to win the championship. Like this is a good team. Kala all these yahoos bashing lebron. He lost to the sons hello. The sons are one of two teams to win. Fifty games issue. I like phoenix over five in five over denver. Yeah i liked the sons over the nuggets as well. Tomorrow's headlines today clippers math. What's the headline after game six tonight. I can't wait colin. I didn't realize you have such an audience in australia. London i've been hearing for. The headline will be clippers. Face the music mavs face the jazz. I picked him two weeks ago. Colin i'm sticking with dallas. A lot of people. Think the clippers. Oh everybody's counting them out. They got this. I disagree totally by the way if you're looking at the gambling spreads the public and the sharp are all on the clippers. Gimme the mattis tonight. It at home in dallas just want a quick reminder. Remember the super bowl. Everybody in their mom loved the kansas city chiefs. They got smoked by tampa. I actually like dallas by double digits tonight. Luka doncic takes the crown best player in the nba maps beat the clippers every every game. Luca's been like ninety percents. They've won so when he's like sons. When the when chris paul was healthy. They were better than the lakers. When lucas healthy. They are better than the clippers. Tomorrow's headlines today. What's the headline going to be for. The lakers. now eliminated this off season so colin. There's not a ton of great players yet yet. The headline will be lakers. Make unbeaten eveb deal collin. Did you see the quotes for bradley. Beal he refused to commit to the wizards. And i know people out there. Right now. Like the lakers have no assets. They can't get bradley beal. Just remember when the player says. I'm out of here. I want to go here more often than not. They've won and i just want to remind everybody bradley beal. This week refused to commit to his future in washington. And you say we'll the pelicans go after they can offer draft picks is bradley beal signing long-term in new orleans. Or does he want to be in la. There has been chatter about this for a while. If the lakers can somehow finagle a deal schreuder and a sign and trade will tack in cusack and tucker bradley beal him and his girlfriend slash wife. They have a place out here in la. We know the lakers need an offensive guy. Just keep an eye on bradley. Beal i'm syria. People are gonna hate this but bradley. Be on the lakers. it's worth monitoring. Well if you could do a sign and trade a sign and trade and lakers would give kuzma away tomorrow for you know an end table but shooter interesting. I think i love bradley. Beal i know lebron i will tell you this. I was told this two years ago by people close to lebron. He loves it. Because bielsa grownup beal is better early. You know now not party in totally committed smart smart player and by the way one of just. He's another guy like devon booker. You can get twenty eight. Yes rolling out a bed. He is a natural score. That remember the best guys. He's played with our john wall and russell westbrook. I know to me. I guys imagine playing with a thirty seven year. Old lebron next year. Who loves to distribute and just once guys who can knock down. Shots like caruso wesley. Matthews calculable was four for twenty three from three in the series colin. I mean jae. Crowder made more threes last night than coups. The entire series. Yeah that was a bad series for kuzma. Jason mcintyre straight firewood. Jason mcintyre that his very popular podcast. Good seeing you bud out enjoy spotlight comforts. Been your water. Bill navien tankless water heater tanks. Symbol dot com. Tankless made similar dot com. You know forever. Beal's loyal said it earlier today. You're loyal guy. Until you're not. I mean you can be the loyalist guy in the world and you walk home and find out you know why it's not working out. She's fooling around with the mailman. Doom not loyal. I don't buy this loyalty thing. You're loyal until you're not. I've i don't. It's not very romantic. But i just don't believe in loyalty in business and people forget that this is their business. This is what bradley beal gets paid to do. This is what lebron james gets paid uses his job his legacy his career people move jobs. All the time differences. We don't show up to your job wearing a how you know button-down shouting awesome report like this point bradley. Beal deserves better than the washington. Wizards and all the washington wizards can can promise. You is a bunch of nonsense. They have washington has no history of getting it right. I tommy sheppard runs the organization. What promises could he make. We're going to be better next year. He'd been hearing that for eight years. He's done but even well run organizations. Sometimes you just have limitations like the blazers on a poorly run organization but they have limitations right so lebron bradley beal. Anthony davis wouldn't have much of a bench and a lot of money left after that. I'll tell you right now. all. I'm dead serious if you asked me. Trade anthony davis for bradley beal. One second one second. I would to shooters league. It's not an injury big-league. I'd do that trade in one second. I want bradley. Beal and a couple of draft picks right. now she's been running. These teams supplements here get active getting shape from in dot com free shipping 'em dry from n. Dot com see monday. Harvard business school online offers professional certificate courses that are one hundred percent online and can be completed on your own time. Discover how b. s. online can help you take the next step in your career and try a free business lesson to that at hp. Online dot info. Stevens jackson coles of the podcast. All the smoke up production of the black effect. And how hard media in partnership with showtime each week. My brother matt barnes and our champion. Sit down with the biggest names in sports and culture to have uncut raw conversations no. 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