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Stuck it will take a look at a later rafter vergara view was james rand raves dyke here was a one of the game at that point ronald leading montreal the final maple leafs get a five two one win over the montreal canadiens the devils taking on the islanders in splendor these matt bars out on the power play so good enough pretoria from the cult and atvars all with a goal there for the outer that made it to nothing at that point and out or go onto a threenothing win over the new jersey devils flyers and the rangers ended deep by rick a fetal lover set off with over ceviche here's the cap macos right the great sam rosen there on rangers television rick nash submitted a wanted nothing game at that point and the final and over time and that when the rangers beat the flyers by the final score of three it's you other games going on right now as the avalanche in part of the star's three to their midway through the third period hurricanes leading at edmonton oilers four to one that so late in the second period coyotes of taken a one of the lead at home over the ducts a late in the first period the devils played a weather interesting game today it was a splitsquad situation where he used internet and preseason baseball but the devil's kind of a split up then went to that kraft hockey ville situation in prince edward island's canada where the devil's beat the senators in that game by a final score of eight to one and other finals include the redwings over the penguins ford one more knack game coming up a little bit later on so you're up to date on the scoreboard as far as outta town scores again we mentioned the the boston bruins beat the chicago blackhawks 42 two or a little more from coach q coming up here in just a few moments especially about the fact that the roster cuts are coming up and the decisions he's gonna have to make your are are not easy ones going forward here with a pretty young and talented roster for the chicago blackhawks lose fortitude at night more coming up our cg walls of mazdas chicago blackhawks post game show here on.

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