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National and I love KRLD. They would never run a tape delayed show. Prime prime time drive time in Los Angeles. They respect for their listeners. Go right ahead. And we love you and your beautiful wife and the interview at CPAC with both of you as amazing, isn't she great. She is she's gorgeous. She's intelligent, Gordon. Everything you would want. Good job. Yeah, we're lucky. Thank you. My mom is a ninety one year old holocaust survivor. I was wanting to talk to you that said you should be on FOX and have your own show on November the tenth listened. You did and everybody actually they came to me. But I was happy to to engage their discussion for sure. Everybody's gotta watch my liberty. And lebron. What I wanted to say was that my mom, and I my mom as I said ninety one year old holocaust survivor. We are sitting here yesterday. Watching C span as everybody was making their impassioned speech is some beautiful beaches on the Republican side. But the way that the mainstream media is spinning the twenty three Republicans who voted against the anti-semitism resolution and their reasoning because it was so watered down because it didn't admonish Omar and call her out by name. She wasn't stripped of committee. So now, they're making it seem like a those people are anti-semites. I know. Nobody. Nobody's calling a press conference. I wish Louie Gohmert. We get out there with Liz Cheney everybody in call a press conference in it called friends and explain why they did why they voted. So you have a Jewish congressman by Lee zeldon who is a terrific person. And an army veteran who votes against it. Because he thinks it's a joke. And you're right and the media turn on him and Liz Cheney and Louie Gohmert, and the others who actually with the most solid of the bunch standing up against this. But nobody's gonna believe them. And what they should do is fire back at the media at the New York Times and say, hey, holocaust tonight, New York Times. We don't need Laney lectures from you. Hey, Washington Post that ran three headlines effectively defending Omar, we don't need elections from you, lectures, and CNN and MSNBC and your conga line of anti-semites and race baiters that you bring on we don't need any lectures from you either. And how's your mother doing by the way? Bless her. She's going to be ninety two and she's doing wonderfully. She just said, but this is breaking her heart because this reminds her mollified kids out there, and I say that like from our generation, I think everybody needs to sit down with their parents, if they don't take civics or read your book, which everybody should read Marx books. My. You're either the child of somebody who survived World War Two or your parents fought for World War Two. And I think everybody needs to know the values that this country fought for for freedom and for liberty. We didn't fight for socialism. And we didn't try for. And may I may I may I say before run out of time share and everybody needs to understand. That the United States defeated Hitler. I understand Russia's role in England. The United States with Russia in England, but the United States defeated Hitler. And when people keep putting down our country. And putting down Israel. Talking about Jewish people the way the hard left does and the Islamist too. They were attacking our country. There's simply no question about it. The people who are tacking our country, the people who despise our traditions and our customs and our institutions in our history. And I want you to tell your mother something from me. All right, Cheryl. Okay. As long as I have a microphone. These people will be exposed. They will be opposed. They will be fought. And I'm not alone in your mother's, not alone. And you're not alone. This is not the nineteen thirties because we will fight back, and we will fight back in ways that the poor souls lost during that horrific period were unable to because they didn't want to. They were unable to that'll never happen in this country. It better never happened in this country because we have microphones and we have a second amendment. God bless you Sheryl and your mother probably right back. Mm. Mm-hmm..

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