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Earnings after the bell but also another round of testimony from whistleblower Francis haugen this time in the UK with more internal documents Emerging some that contradict Facebook's public stand on competition We'll get into that with Bill bear Former assistant attorney general for antitrust in the Obama administration will sort it all out with the panel Bloomberg politics contributors Genie Chan Sano and Rick Davis are with us for the hour and first the busiest week for earnings is now underway so let's get a check on the market for the busy man named Charlie pellet Fast to saar in politics Joe Matthew we've got the Dow the S&P and NASDAQ all advancing today the Dow the S&P climbing to records but you mention what's going on after ours Conference call for Facebook just getting underway after what many are calling better than feared results but Facebook the world's largest social media company did report strong third quarter revenue growth but did deliver a tepid forecast for sales and the current period After ours the stock is moving higher up now by 3.6% Another record on Wall Street traders gearing up for a busy week of technology earnings while keeping in mind inflation concerns and rising COVID-19 risks S&P up 21 points to our record 45 66 up 5 tenths of 1% The Dow up 64 of two tents nez stack up 136 up by 9 tenths ten year yield 1.63% spot gold 1807 the ounce while West Texas intermediate crude 83 76 a barrel briefly Bitcoin today at 62,579 I'm Charlie pellet Thatcher is a Bloomberg business flash.

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