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That's right. Now as Bill, bring a Bill, Johnson Johnson sit down. So anyway. Which is fucking great. I was eating this Bill Johnson's going, why did I even leave the house? Why did I come here? I don't stand. All right. Well, what's new with you. And it better be fucking amazing. Vape adventures. Okay. I'm into vapes now as did you did you and Spencer? Spencer and I went on a vape adventure and had vape Scher spent survey bed venture. So cash tag, vape culture culture. Okay. All right. I thought I thought it through my head. I categorized not technically a rape joke, but the customer is always right. Let's let's keep communicating fine with it of you are. I bet it. I did not want to hurt anybody. The public is spoken, rhyming counts, and I didn't know it and I will not make the same as take again, that debt. We're good. We'll years away from that being on a poster of DreamWorks. Great culture. Okay. Oh, great culture. That sounds familiar. Geez. Mommy wise. It's that interesting. I don't know. Are you you in my car. Vape adventures, starring Spencer, rob and Kate. So Spencer texts made super early in the morning. So early gum like why? Like four fifteen? What? No. No, not that actually. I think you you you like like the night before and I didn't get until the night of important information. So you know, you come over and we go to the magic place where you know you get your vape on and there's like there's so much Rick and Morty stuff there, Dan, they got it all hang out. You should go there. You should go. Well. Pretty cool. The got the hanging wall. They might give you some free shit might give you free shit hor. One. On the student good face going on the wall. Do that a little bit. Why is he elba's gang? So anyway, we go in there. And they set me up with. They said, Kate, I with some good vapes. We got. We got two different brands. We got or not flavors. What are they called? Well, there's different varieties of weed that are called brands. Okay. So we've got two different brands. Go home and Spencer's like, all right, is how you do it. And he said, he tells you how to put the battering thing squeezing in there and I got what chuckled lot. What did I get? I think he got chocolate got off a lot or some Chaka chuckled lot jock. A lot chocolate was a did as I go ago. Okay. So what is it? Got a button. Nine. Thank you. Can just, you can just like, you know, suck on it. Everybody give him a second. He did. God is to and titties manner of hilarious things. Okay. So how do you do. Just because I was trying to make. I wasn't paying attention doing. Yeah. And you can't see the light because it's down the pipe it right away. So I did it. So anyway, turns around and goes, wow, that was poboy. You took a big hit there. I like, and then I was like, yeah, the thing you gotta knows like the big hits you should not not hit like that. I don't do that. So I'm like, I don't really feel anything..

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