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Hundred of you away I partly cloudy partly sunny day again upper nineties San Antonio Spurs news with Charlie Parker thirty in a twenty four hour news center Mr TV producer extraordinaire with a nother day off still another whether he might be back tomorrow I wouldn't bet on it crystal from ticket seven sixty sports in this morning substituting for Mister Tate I mentioned today is the first round of the PGA tour championship not to be confused with the PGA championship one of golf's four majors now if you're a golfer you know that but if you're someone like me and you watch golf only when there's a major I thought that this would be a PGA golf K. is the fourth of the four majors last one of the year now every year prior to this year there it goes again well what was that do warm we're used to it it said we don't know what it is it's something in here that makes raids its electrical anyway prior to this year every year the PGA championship one of the four majors was played in the third week of August this year they moved it up and for the remainder of the future delay decided change our minds again today is the PGA tour championship was the top thirty golfers in the world it's all about money and qualifying for the fed ex championship thanks so it's not one of the four majors so just wanted to clear that up now on to back in the day on the day this day the twenty second day of August which began with nineteen sixty four Diana Ross and the Supremes hit number one with the arm be classic where did our love go fifty five years ago thirty years ago today in nineteen eighty nine Nolan Ryan van of the Texas Rangers became the first pitcher in Major League Baseball history to strike out five thousand people he would end at one five thousand seven hundred fourteen fifteen hundred more than its closest competition Mr dole do you remember who was victim number five thousand I do not Ricky Henderson what the Oakland ETS twelve years ago Texas Rangers beat the Baltimore Orioles thirty to three most runs scored by any team in modern Major League Baseball history in a single game birthdays today include one James cordon host of the late late show carpool karaoke superstar he's forty one Ty Burrell one of my favorite television characters place Phil Dunphy on modern families turning fifty two and Happy Birthday Debi Peterson you're getting all the one of the bangles is fifty eight years old today also turning fifty eight Mister or Zabul if you know someone who's a bigger tears for fears fan and I am please let me know I'd dig me some tears for fears their coal can't can't hear without seeing the two of them stand up there on that mountain peak just hair blowing in the wind saying a long read by the what Roland Orzabal is fifty eight Shirley Feeney of laverne and Shirley actor Cindy Williams seventy two the big kahuna New York Giants New York Jets New England Patriots Dallas Cowboys head coach bill Parcells today seventy eight I don't know if he's started at Texas tech but I know he was one of the defensive line coach is for my friend Fred Schuessler no sex is decked him like bill Parcells too much by the way just thought I'd pass along Valerie Harper rhodamine Morganstern for the Mary Tyler Moore show and Rhoda diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer in two thousand thirteen was given three months to live Valerie Harper today turns eighty cancer in men Carl Yastrzemski baseball hall of Famer seven gold gloves three thousand hit club two time all star or second all time in games played won the Triple Crown in nineteen sixty seven for those of you that don't know that means you have the highest batting average the most home runs and the most RBI in the same season are you strip ski today turns eighty.

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