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To having a talented team and a gone gameplay that's where alternate software comes with hr payroll and talent management technology that puts your people i it's houston up by six ten forty three left gray has eight of their last points in houston twelve four rod ailes possession for michigan in a low position here it's really hard when you complain about a play a turnover by michigan was there beeline was talking to simpson what what what are you doing and dunkin robinson was talking to charles mathews next thing you know rob graves up the other and hitting the three sos hurts you in a low possession game this time of the year inbounds it out of the timeout two breeds reefer houston issues gives it over the bar now on the left wing rock back backout bargar he'll try a three he got he got fouled the big fellow book distance right in front of the bed he gets up high fives all around with his teammates that stops the houston ron houston relaxed a little on the kickback that the pick and pop it was too low when wagner caught at noles on me but it was thrown to shins he catches it gives it up then gets it back again knocked down from that left wing free throw on the way that knows rewards so the houston lead is still three forty died forty six ten twenty five eighty east to dry to go there their first week sixteenth since nineteen eighty four went last year three times under on top with rob gray eighteen points eleven issue he drives to the right wing now he's trapped seven shoe grows to the bayside turnover baby white a bad pass by rob granny's looking at kelvin sampson saying i was held he he has to get in the mole this last ten minutes of just playing basketball it's not all going to go your way dsm stop complaining to the crowds who's coach play basketball ten minutes left both fan base bases standing pass to the way stolen intercepted by davis up ahead it's.

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