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Contrary or by liam fox in the newlyformed department of international trade so what is the role of the foreign secretary i wasn't really defined at a lotta stepping on people's toes who's driving the brexit call that we've all seen that cutting a embarrassed papers so maybe he fails i thought i'm sure he does feel that his opinion just isn't being asked for an off and he would like to share it with a country all i'm sure we look forward to that we've been mentioning news this morning the latest twist in the the donald trump russia collusion investigation which is apparently thousands of emails that have been seized by the special council in one paper today there is an argument that there is another way of undoing of the trump white house yes this is the sunday times again democrat sees on sex as a way to topple trump and basically what this is arguing is obviously we do have the russian investigation going on at the moment oldest emails uh subpoenas um and i i'm very interested to see how that plays out but given the uh the backlash over harvey weinstein an in hollywood um and and sexism in the me to campaign an an order that um there's an argument that the democrats are saying the best way to get rid of trump is to remind everyone of the i think it's at least nineteen women who have accused him of rape or sexual assault on a ton into a sex scandal on under that might be more effective on this is obviously coming straight off to the incredible special election in alabama this is the rightist of red states where a democrat actually managed to succeed in the senate race and beat his republican opponent primarily because the opponent was accused obviously he denied it but accused of molesting teenage girls i'm not seems to have been the thing that swung it so democrats of sort of feeling that maybe they can capitalize on this backlash against sexism and unom misogyny and that that might be the way forward with trump you understand why normal circumstance people would people would thing.

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