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You hear pat McAfee? Oh my God, award nominee. He's like, boobs is here. Boobs call for help. This can help. Get out. He should have distracted him with his guitar. Yeah. And then just like follow them, just with the guitar because it's hypnotized hypnotic. Yeah. Or he should just like stroked his face. Oh, yes, just like NXT. Wow. Yeah. So betcha wrestlers come out, including 24 7 champion, Reggie. This is the first show. They said after crown jewel, the draft results will take place. And everyone will be on their respectable shows. Right. And there's Reggie 24 7 champion who was drafted to raw. And this might make sense if they were still in Orlando. And like, ah, people everyone's backstage is where they work, but no, they flew him to Houston. Even though he's not on the or where was SmackDown? Sorry. No Houston. I don't know. No, yeah. I think it was in Wichita. And then he comes out, so they literally flew him to a city to come out on a show he's not on. Yeah. Just to do a run in and get destroyed. Yeah, I mean, there are so many jobbers like why was he there? And why weren't the jobbers jumping on top of him, the refs around? Yeah, after Brock destroyed him. Right. Come on, guys. Come on, that would have been a fun little side thing going on. So Brock, again, beats up some of the jobbers. He gets back in the ring, holds up the universal championship, and we go to commercial again. When we come back, Adam Pearce is in the ring, and he says, this is unacceptable. I'm indefinitely suspending Brock Lesnar, which is the only way you can get rid of a babyface Brock Lesnar. 'cause he'll Brock Lesnar's just like, I'm leaving fuck you. Yeah. Right, yeah. I'm leaving with the belt, but face Brock Lesnar, you have to suspend him, where else, you know, it doesn't really make sense. Exactly. Yeah. So Brock comes back out. He grabs pierce's collar and says I didn't hear what you said. Tell me again. And pierce is like, sounds like he's choking on something. No drug. Wow, was that the audio? Yeah. That was amazing. So Brock picks pierce up and F 5s him so hard that pierce's pants rip. Yeah. Then they hit Brock's music for two seconds. But then Brock picks him up and gives Pearce another F 5. And this time he shits his pants, right? Yeah. Well, it was funny because the pants rip right at the crotch, and you could see that like pierce is just wearing like tighty whiteys. It's like, oh, why? Why? Or if not that wrestling speedo? Like did you think you're a wrestling tonight buddy? Yeah. He was. He's like, oh, I'm taking enough. Let me trunk up. I'm like, you're with me. Let me drunk up. But it was just like, yeah, bro what do you want to draw jockstrap under there? Like, what's going on here? Yeah. So then brought grabs the mic and says, I can't hear you. Tell me again, please, and he puts the mic to pierce his mouth, but he did. Yeah, so he did. But yeah, see you at the rumble Brock. Yeah. I mean, what else would you do? He'll probably win the rumble. Probably. Oh. And then when did we see that in pierce again, you know, he's clearly next week vacation next week. Two F 5s for a non wrestler. I mean, now they put a chair around someone's head stump it and they're there the next day. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Did you say non wrestler? Yeah. And I don't know if you knew this, but he was a champion in WJ. So a former 5 time NWA champion? Yeah. Yeah. I'm sorry, Andrew. You have to read up before you watch these shows. Come on, on shit that's never been given. You have to do your research on every character. Remember when he almost made invented the Royal Rumble? You can have that match with Roman. Yeah, almost shut your mouth. All right, backstage, Naomi tells Sony DeVille, I want a fair match against you tonight. When he says, I've got bigger things to handle than you, so get out of my face. Get them in my face. And then they only just walks away. She got out of her face. Even though Sonya beat the shit out of her last week and just royally screwed her over. She asked for a fair match pretty please. She said, no, she's like, okay. Have a great day. Hey, have a great morning. Understandable. Yeah. Then Drew McIntyre walks up. And tells Sonia that he's gonna issue an open challenge right now. So we got Drew McIntyre versus Sami Zayn, and Sammy. Has some new shitty generic music. He had one of the best themes. It started. So his new theme, it starts with the and then it just starts and then it just goes to man. Just shitty generic music. Like half the roster has now. And they're like, oh, new music. You're like, no. Yeah, no. No, please. And if they're gonna give him heel music, why didn't it happen like a year ago or two years ago whenever that was when he turned heel it made his entrance even better because he danced even more obnoxiously. Right. That was the best part of it. That's true. That's true. Yeah, it's just another swing of it by WWE creative. I mean, again, we could play half of the roster's music and we wouldn't be able to tell them apart. Yeah. It's like, who's this? I'm even like, you know, biggie's music hit a couple of times on raw. And I was like, what is this? It's not even have like when you're a champ, it's gonna have a big like, get in it. You know what I mean? Or anything that's like, oh, you know, it's coming, but the graphic always comes up first. Then you hear like some low tones, you're like, what is this? Yeah, well, go big. Y'all wanna go big? Yeah, huh? Anyway, send me sets up for the helluva kick and does McIntyre's countdown, but the claymore for the win. Oh, foreshadowed, obviously. Yeah. Next up we have the coronation of king Xavier. Kofi introduces him. He puts the robe on Woods. Here we go. Hands him the scepter. And then he hits Kofi with it. A little too early. A little too quick there. Too little too quick. Let it let it breathe for a few weeks at least. Two weeks. No, you do it down. Went to his head immediately. Sure. Why not? It just poisoned his brain. Yes. The second you put the card on. It's pro wrestling. Second, you put The Crown on. It just fills them up with yeah. Yes. It would have been great. Kofi then screams, hail king Woods. And it's funny because all the WWE graphics say king Xavier, but Kofi and Xavier both say king Woods. Right. It makes sense, Samantha. I think king Woods sounds better, but again, every king has been their first name. Corbin. King Corbin. Yeah, Corbin. It wasn't king Barron. Yeah. That's true. Oh, king baron is a baron is a bear. King baron. Next up, we have mansoor versus Mustafa Ali. Again. Again. Why didn't they just like film this match on the plane or something? While they were sitting next to each other. They're sitting next to each other and they're probably like sleeping on each other's shoulders. Hey, wake up, you guys gonna have a match right now. Right now? Okay. And then they do the 24 7 on a plane once? They did. Yeah. And someone penned mojo while it was sleeping. Yeah. It was great. Yeah. It was gender, wasn't it? Maybe. Ali goes for a sunset flip, but men's sort of counters and wins with roll up. That's count them up. There you go. A few of them this week. Next up, we have Isaiah swerve Scott and top dollar hit rose making their debut. Oh no. It ro. They're facing, yeah, right. Yeah. You're always so excited. To do it on NXT, and then you get it here and you're like, yeah, whatever. It's not even in the morning, Eric. It's 9 in the morning. Jesus. Morning. Break up at 7 30 every day. I get my day going. Oh fuck off. That's because you have a job you do. So do I have kids who take this school, but I'm like a zombie while I'm doing it. And I don't drink coffee, that's my downfall. Anyways, coffee? No. You hit bro how do you get your energy? Just naturally. I wait. The second I wake up..

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