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Caught offside with every gummy and JJ Davani. Onto the middle of the goal of the six ball Titi slow. Offside from the Upper West side, Manhattan. Can't. And g K Advani. What's up other? Cities. Upon nail and it remained that way. Now, we're all little down. Well, wait for your. I have no dog in this fight necessarily. I would only say this that as you yours city to repeat then Liverpool. Yeah. Oh, yeah. But I care about you and your feelings, and I want you to experience nothing, but happiness joy s. I can only speak a neutral and say that I think what we witnessed over this entire weekend from the title race with Liverpool on Saturday to Manchester City on Monday to the insanity of the top four race, the relegation battle Kanna petered out. I think, but look this is why this is why we love it. This is why we're fans this is why we watch this has been this has been riveting in every kind of way imaginable like highs and lows in the spans of, you know, days minutes, it's this has been a really really fun season. And we are very excited to talk all about it with you over the course of this podcast coming up right now. I think we're gonna make some clarifications on on. What's being good though? I'm probably some clarifications on on what this title is being litter on the board. Exciting can take many different form. I think. Yeah. We need to we need to break down a little bit. Because there's some peop-. People on you know, some of them have not being fans long enough to remember some of the races that you are. I would on this is different. And so there's a lot of terms being thrown about like bottling that just don't apply. With regard to the title race. Yes. To use that either team is lost in months. Some some sort of the most ridiculous things overheard. Yeah. I got to know what the word me. I've got a tweet from someone. Who is? I mean, he was factually inaccurate all over the place. He was talking about guess who the only team who was top at Christmas in ever a knock want win the championship was. And I was like there has been more than one noble. What I meant to stop talking. It was an attempt to troll job that failed. Well, it should be a really fun show that we've got for because we're go we're going to go in depth obviously on the title race. We'll go in depth on the the the top four which has seemingly been settled. Although. Old Gill is still not certain. We have a mailbag have a little bit of a boy wonder watch, which I'm excited about been awhile since we've been able to have a kind of a joyful semi joyful. Boy wonder watch and big what to watch for Champions League semi finals. This is this is the end, my only friend the end poet once said, well, Jim Morrison, some people consider poet, do you? Actually, no, not really probably my favorite song by the doors. It's a it's a classic apocalypse class Apocalypse Now, Andrew, which some people think this tightly raised as being but it hasn't. Let's talk about that tunnel race JJ my God. Oh, the drama the drama of all this. Now. Let's get right to the heart of what you were hinting at just a minute ago. Okay. Let's get. Let's just be clear on one thing here. This huddle race has been. I would say exhilarating. I've been in all of what I've seen from these two clubs who have really battled it out now foreign entire season. There was no late charge. From anyone like this has been these to the two best in the league from pretty much the jump right is here. But the one thing that people need to stop saying there have been no twists and turns in this race. All right. We need to get the Premier League Twitter account. Oh, the twists and turns. There hasn't been a twist since the end of February. Yeah. Like guys, you've got to if you want to say to me, I'll tell you watching that Liverpool that win over Southampton. And watching that late Liverpool win over Newcastle was exhilarating and thrilling and did stuff to me on a really enjoyed that season. That is fine. But that's not even twenty eleven twenty twelve that's not man city going to our snow on losing at the Emirates. That's.

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