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These documents were marked sensitive compartmented information. There was also indication that human sources may have been involved. And the danger is not just the information that's in the document, but even more so, the source of gathering that information, if that was compromised, people's lives could be put at risk. If it's a technical source and some of our best sources are technical means of collection and the adversary is able to figure out, okay, this must have been the way they got that information. Then that technical source is disabled. And you lose all the information you might have gotten in the future about an adversary. So I've asked the director to do the analysis to make sure that we mitigate any risks that if they're human sources, they're protected, and if they're technical sources that we take steps to protect that as well. Chairman Adam Schiff, who will be the star of sexism, LA, along with Rob Reiner. October 22nd. February, excuse me, what did I say? September 24th, Chicago sexy liberal with Jan schakowsky. Fantastic. Bam and the kick it off, the very first 1 September 10th. John feige was saying house parks, Glen Kirchner, Carl frisch, and other excitement to be added. So we can't tell you about you. A week from tomorrow, right? Get it sexy liberal dot com. Look at all the fantastic. We have multiple designs for the sexy liberal save democracy tour, John page is here live in studio. Hooray. Okay, John, how many boulders were empty? How much did you ever see billion? I think it was 43. So that might go to what the star of LA sexy liberal Adam Schiff. He's gonna probably have some things to say. I would think by October 22nd, but here he is yesterday, the chairman. I think they'll do a very early quick check to make sure if there's a human source involved. Do we need to get someone out of some location, but then it may take a bit of time. Weeks to determine, okay, is there any indication that people had access to these documents? Is there any indication that our adversary now is suspicious about this particular source? So that could take some time. Do you understand what happened here? Librarians got robbed by an illiterate. Yes. That's what happened here. One more chairmanship. I think we will certainly have a hearing or hearings on our recommendations. And our role is not predominantly or even partially a prosecutorial role. That's the Justice Department. But ours is to do the oversight, expose the malfeasance and then propose corrective action, generally in the form of legislation. So I think we'll have a hearing our hearings on the reforms necessary to protect us. And that might be a reformist electoral count act or it might be reforms to how the powers of the presidency can be abused. But we also may have a hearing or hearings of a kind of factual nature like you have seen in the past. We're very much in daily weekly discussions about that. We've said high bar and we want to make sure any hearings we have meet that high bar. Yeah. Andrew workman said, for the billionth time, former presidents do not have executive privilege. The privilege belongs to the executive branch, which is currently led by Joe Biden, who has waived any privilege that anyone could conceivably attempt to apply to its criminal predecessor. So we're still waiting to see what this Trump appointed judge says, but also there was executive privilege and he declassified it and the FBI plan. Correct. And Trump never saw it. And they made a message on his rug. Yes. So there's a lot of layers to this. We haven't gone into yet. I love that he's afraid we think he's a slob, 'cause, yeah. If you've ever seen him in golf clothes, who would ever aging like fine milk? Tristan snow said, if the documents were all declassified, then why does anyone need a top secret clearance to review them? None of it really makes sense. And yeah, we were mentioning Kyle Griffin says Trump told a conservative radio host, he'd issue full pardons and a government apology to the capitol rioters who violently attack law enforcement to stop the democratic transfer of power. This is what Biden was talking about, right? Dash dubrovsky says President Biden is completely an absolutely fed up with maga Republicans as are we all. He's tired of conspiracies. He's disgusted by the calls for violence, and he's not letting them get away with it anymore. This is the most patriotic American speech of the decade. I

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