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Point said some stuff that was against america and like i keep working the story worse and worse and worse so i'll spend fifteen minutes on that and then i'll say oh and by the way the medication that keeps me alive. I'm completely out of that. Yeah i don't lead with the most important things you have to be patient and listened to my bits. Okay can do that so many beds what do you do. I just sit there. I literally just sit there and just listen to it okay. That's all you can do. I think david's asking them much more intriguing. Question is what is it you do. Oh i don't mean just with one more. I'm telling you a story because that's occasional but when i'm around putting a show together crafting a comedic sensibility. That will guide a generation to higher heights. What are you doing. That's a good question and you know. There's there's things that i should be doing and then there's things that i do so i think those are two completely different ideas that you have. That was very good. You just if you were in front of the senate being grilled they would not be able to mazing. Isn't that amazing man. It'd be doing and there are things that i do. So most of my dan david and i worked have worked very closely for a long time. Most of our day spent talking about what we're going to get for lunch than ordering lunch then sending someone out for lunch then eating lunch so that already sucks up like half of our day. Yeah have shows to catch up on or movies. You wanna watch. Then that's important. So i started out as conan your production assistant right and so now one day told me if i'm ever just waiting at my desk for her to tell me to do something..

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