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You're listening to the National Secular Society podcast hosted by. Emma pocket. Queen. Elizabeth. The second is now the longest reigning monarch in British history and one of the most popular. But what will happen when she eventually dies well, Prince Charles. Simply succeed to the hereditary throne and carry on the same old tradition. We'll email to be anointed by the Bishop of, Canterbury, in Westminster Abbey and will he assumed the title of Defender of the Faith and supreme? Governor of the Church of England, we'll Britain's political establishment continued to be Anglican monarchical and general stuck in the nineteenth century. I'm joined today by Graeme Smith CEO, Republic Republicans, a member based pressure group, which calls for the abolition of monarchy and the substitution of an elected head of state, as well as for an elected House of Lords Grandma, and I will be discussing how close the links between the monarchy and the established church why we should cat and whether secularists need to be Republicans. So I'm joined now by Graeme Smith of Republic I'm Graham just starting with the most. Question in a way, should the abolition of the monarchy pianist shoot the support of secularism are concerned about? Yes. Absolutely. I think that. You know. I would say everybody should be concerned about it but I I. The monarchy as a quasi religious institution and the it's very much bound up with the established church. The Queen of goals is the head of the church. England, and it know the family. Even if we sort of pay separated out the crown from the church I think the Family itself is very much part of the Pasta Christian tradition. And you only ever, GonNa get that that same family in that position. Underlying this. If you look at the Oth, the Queen took back in nineteen, fifty three when she did her coronation. About God not so much about. Democracy and modern values I. Mean, it's is asked by the archbishop will. You do your utmost. To maintain the laws of God and the True Professional. Gospel. So In, a modern age I think that. All religions should be equal. They should be a freedom of faith and I. equality of beliefs, and you can't really do that. If you've got a head of state here is absolutely wedded to one religion. Absolutely. And I mean not just to freedom of faith. But freedom not spirit of cases well would be part of that. Yeah. Well, I mean I'm not surprised that when Queen Elizabeth's school hosts, it didn't sound very democracy after to rule the monarchy is a very old fashioned institution. Isn't it? How close you said? The family is part of the church tradition. What are the specific ways in which the monarchy is is close to the established The Queen is head of boasts she's defend the face on the Anglican faith. But other other links you've just look. So of officials societies, you might call it..

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