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Steam punt glasses and a bleach job on Edward. Norton. Not until he takes. The Shit I'm an FBI original incredible not not at all Dan. Not at all. Not at all, he's not even original. Incredible Hulk in the movies Dan as Eric Bana. Lou Ferigno pretty predates both of them. I knew that would anger you. Now, I know what? It's like when someone doesn't tell me enough about her. And there clearly setting this movie up for a sequel. So now, this is where we close the book on a leader Colon. Paddle. Leather. It was based on books books that I read some of in preparation for this. And whether you learn from those, let's talk about final judgments. Now, this where we make final judgments on whether this was a good movie bad movie movie we kinda liked. I, you know I like the books quite a bit. I think they're a little. There's certainly a little weirder. They're filled with a lot of cyborgs that clearly have made strong life choices. And I I kind of like the in the movie like a big part of the movies, the relationship between Hugo and Alita and they make him a little redeemable in this like he's a he's a jerk idiot. But he's not like a murderer and in in the comics he's basically a murderer and doesn't care about her at all. But her like wide I'd love for him is so like it feels so real because. Like when you're young, you're dumb and you make decisions and you you love people disagreement. But I all that aside. Yeah okay still. Does anything you WANNA talk about. Can I tell you who might guys are? So tell me about what we had at the laugh factory but we've I mean it. It's fast. There's a lot of information in there and not there's probably too much information except the stuff I don't WanNa talk about that but I mean the motor stuff's great and. The actors are fun and Christoph Waltz is fine. So I would say, I say this is a movie I liked like this. Yeah, this definitely moved guy like, yeah, the. People. I was I'll admit I was ready to go into this movie not liking it because I find the giant is so off putting. And I was like this movie's not big is what's going on. or Big Fish big fish would have big is too. or Big with Tom. Hanks. Get that much bigger when you've got big. Eyes are just kind of the same size throughout your life I guess but anyway so. But after I got over the fact that leader doesn't have a whole lot of personality at first I also really liked it in the end the I found that there are a lot of good action scenes in it. I liked some of the characters in the design work. Looks Real. Cool. Here's. and. It's any brightly colored. It's like not gray and like grim and dark looking you're not watching I don't know giant monsters fight in dark snowy saving further late show that I will say this holiday. So I, did like this movie but on GonNa, throw down the gauntlet I want you to find me a new set of ICONOGRAPHY for future cities. Let's put blade runner aside it's beautiful. It's doesn't really work for me as a movie, but it works very well a coffee table book. Let's. Let's set road warrior aside with all the letter in the spikes chains. That's great. Let's set it. Aside. I want you to think about a new vision of the future because as much as I like to lead there aside from right. Kind is a step in the right direction because at least it moves away we've had a solid thirty years of future equals Asian which is great but I've seen a lot of it. Is like future equals Africa, great I love it. Let's see more of that. But Hey, what about like a really crazy future? It's supposed to be three hundred years in the future. What in the people's phones, they don't look that cool and I know three hundred years people are GonNa have super cool phones. So Hollywood next time you make future movie thinking about how cool the phones should be. But that aside so Grenell Ceylan. For the I'm Elliot Kaelin Goodnight. Everybody Know Dan. You have to talk, right? Back could be the name of the PODCAST. Then you you have to talk. It was good. So on a scale from zero to ten earn how many Seven arms. Arms, it was like a little too convoluted a little too long but I liked it. But. Let's move on. We usually take some questions from the audience. To close out the show, we have to be a little more tight asked about like shutting it down this evening. Yeah. Keep microphone there. So we're going to need to see a mad dash scramble to get over there if your questions because we don't have a lot of time to waste fifteen minutes, we don't have a lot of time to eat up and you know what that means. We don't have time for a song tonight we don't have time for rhyme tonight we don't have time to eat limes tonight. I'm sorry there's just no time. If I had the time I'd sing you a song so loud and so long I got A. Strong. That song that we just don't have a Delta or I. Wish we had hours and hours of time I. Wish We. Hours to be together. Hey, people seem to like. Okay question number one please. My name is Carl last name withheld. Eight. One of my favorite old Flop House bits was in ATM when Elliott's made a joke about those old x-files bumpers that white the exile. By rule. Gould pretzels that guy was the quickest voice changer in the busiest and I think I mentioned arguments with my former roommate Bryan Chan who lives in Boston now about whether it was two differing you or the same guy? Yes clearly the same guy. Yes. My my favorite thing about that not only is it funny but it sort of like I thought I was the only guy in the world who remembered how weird those were. So in your life what are your favorite jokes that are extra funny because it seems like they were made for you and only you jokes that were made only us. Mike. At the time I felt like when I first started watching are you? Okay? thinking, stroll. I will say there's a there's an episode of Mystery Science Theater Thousand where Yep Great Show where? Something laps and then I think it's Bill Corbett as Kroger's Ha raceway park and those commercials that aired in my local area and I was like, how did they know about that? And every time I hear the laughter at the beginning of wipe out I always think it's the park jingle so I was telling my wife, we were this as. I was telling my wife when we were driving up, you're listening to sharp dressed man by up and every time I hear the scat lines where he's like black tie I always think it's like the Mason verger actor from the TV show Hannibal but. Of. On. I would say at the time when I saw like. Like venture brothers if felt like at the time, it felt like Oh while this made for me and then I'm like Oh wait just a boring white guy from a certain age..

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