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Is the grizzlies marcus all goes for twenty eight points in twenty three minutes last friday and his benched in the fourth quarter for reasons that they cannot even numerate after the game jc bickerstaff when he's asked about it just keeps saying we gave our young young guys an opportunity to play rick i submit that that is far worse far more corrosive than anything the sixers were doing because the sixers were at least trying to win they just didn't have the talent out there and granted that was by design but you're talking about the the the grizzlies benching their best player who's on a tear for three quarters so that they can put themselves in a position to lose a few weeks ago we had the hawks resting kent bays more healthy by any stretch that we know of no reason to tied to rest can't bays more for what and then they benched dennis schroder in the fourth quarter that same game against the phoenix suns whom they are competing against to be one of the worst teams in the nba and for lottery balls now they they ended up accidentally losing anyway the hawks but these things to me rick speak to a bigger issue and what the sons did a year ago in shutting down healthy eric bledsoe and healthy tyson chandler at the time like that stuff i don't think league has any handle on whatsoever and changing the lottery odds whether it works or not next year or maybe lessens the incentive this stuff is still going on and you sit for having sam hanky get forced out at philly when all the shaming of the sixers has not helped a bit with all of these other teams that are doing that are like i say this is the worst one when you're actually in season and now trying to set up your rotation or bench guys in a way that's going to cause you to lose well so here's the thing five years ago when i first started covering the league the golden state warriors were angling to land their coveted big man that they've never had and they were actually looking to get shawn bradley not chris webber.

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