KIM, Hinchey, Donald Trump discussed on This Week with George Stephanopoulos


And what more do we know about his preparation dr pack with her hill speak any english to donald trump how off script he's likely to go if anything the two leaders are meeting in tomorrow will be are master disruptors in many ways where they go off script appoint to the inter korean summit when kim and moon met at that border and kim you know pulled president moon across to the other side breaking a highly orchestrated event and really for that split second taking control of that moment and president trump is is the same way or very similar in that way so we have to master disruptors in the room and i think it's going to be really interesting to see what the to clean from each other in the first couple of seconds that's right and tom buster dr pack was talking it made me think of that first meeting between president trump and the french president and that handshake that went on forever you see you have this feeling of both men going into that tuesday and you'll be looking for an advantage and of course that was a partly scripted thing on the french part as well and i was there for that hinchey but i think in this particular instance is wise and i think could reporting that there's going to be a private meeting i number of experts those that praise the president for doing this have said take the north korean leader aside and try to develop a report as if it's possible i understand that some believe it's not but i think it's worth noting that past presidents past foreign leaders his own family and his own country tried these things for different purposes under different conditions the practices that brought us to this point of pressure have been coalition not american lit and i think it's important to note that.

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