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This is relationships and revenue. These show where real answers come from real discussions about what holds men back in their relationships at home and in business better. Bottom line at work means improving life at home. This show is all about helping. You become a better entrepreneur and a better man. Welcome back everybody to relationships and revenue podcast. I'm your host. John allen so happy you decided to join us today and i have a very special guest for you. Jason romano is with us today. Jason how are you. What's up john. How you doing man man. I am fantastic doing much better than i deserve that same here. Glad to be here. This is awesome. Thanks for inviting me on your show. You bet you bet. Glad to have you here so listeners. If you're not familiar with who jason is. Let me fill you in. So jason as you heard in the intro. He is an author of two fantastic books. By the way jason speaker. He's been a media professional for over twenty years. He was a producer on. Espn excuse me emmy award winning producer. Which and your award is where. Because i don't see it behind you there it's on the mantle downstairs to show everybody of course you've got to display of emmy. Don't you watch us me if i had one. It's doubt a above the fireplace in the living room. That's where nice nice all right place of prominence like that like that's right all right and so he also mentioned that he is a podcast host as well. He's the host of sports spectrum podcast and on that particular podcast you interview athletes and coaches and entertainers personalities. But give us you. It's a bit of a twist. Have just anybody on your show us right now. We could have every athlete. That's available but we're a little more selective. I think because the content that we produce is very don't call it niche content niche content. However you pronounce that word but we our goal is to glorify god and all that we do with sports spectrum and so the conversations that we have intersex sports faith and so if somebody is on our show you can you can guarantee that. Their faith is important in in their lives in an important part of their lives. So that's kind of what distinguishes us i think from a place like espn or bleacher. Report or fox is that we are very in I guess Intentional about talking about these players. These athletes coaches whoever. We have on about their faith. In jesus gotcha okay. And that's actually a nice little segue into something. I wanted to talk about briefly for you listeners..

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