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With your host, Chris Davies, Welcome back to ST Toko. We just got done discussing different different styles of roofs and such what interesting point that we were talking about, though. You know, people are talking about maintenance of their roofs. How many of you actually get up there on maintain your roof? I mean, when you think about it correctly, we'll do it correctly. I mean, I've seen people get up there with the pressure washes, which you're not supposed to do, by the way because that can actually create damage and create Ah, separation, which is not what you want to do. But I mean, especially here in the Pacific Northwest, you get up there, you put the powder on there to keep the mosque from growing. I mean, that's a simple a simple maintenance issue or you get up there. You blow away the pineal to get up there with the blower. Keep it clean, because that's probably the most important thing to stop these things from growing. How many people actually maintain or do the proper maintenance that's required on the roof. Yeah. 12% Wait. I thought we were get e. Don't think many. And I was saying I'm just guessing here also that people who have, um shingle roofs Watching over, do it even less because it's a lot of work to maintain. And it's an expense. Well maintained nose and also vertigo comes into play. How many people want to get up there? In the hype? You start to deal with the you know the risk of slipping and sliding away and that type of thing. I mean, at that point, I was like, you know what I'll do it next year. The next year. I could just see it going on and on and on. So for those of you that have you seen your astrological sign? And then what do you clean your roof? Not at all. You know, even a touch that But hey, just something just to go. You know, I'm just saying, if you if you stuck at home Check out your roof. If there's stuff on the stuff on it, go ahead and take the time to look and get it clean is it's probably a good time at this point in time to take to take a look at that. So, uh, Quarter three. Again. We're talking about homeownership. Quarter three broke a six year old record. And you don't know. Do you want to know what that record is? That record is $1 trillion in home equity growth. Yeah, to you Got That's amazing. So cold logic talking about Homeowners with mortgages Quarter three of 19 to Quarter three of 23 the equity growth across the board, 10 plus percent So do you want to know what state 10, plus percent on average of $17,000 per household. The last time that you had anything close to that was the first quarter of 2014. But the big difference if you go if you want to talk about times the big difference in 2014 underwater mortgages, the number of homes with negative equity The difference in homes right now between then and now with homes. The negative equity is about 20%. Means virtually homes with negative equity. At this point, it's virtually non existent. So again when people talk about the housing bubble to people talk about things happening in a negative way, because of all these price increases. It's not there. The negative equity people have equity in their homes. The state with the highest equity growth, dollar wise is Lisa, California Washington Daniel Oh, you those pita. That's what I was thinking to see. Though 35,000 Average equity growth 35,000 per household. California was number two Lisa 33.8, so not far behind. Number three was Massachusetts at 30 31 200. So holding a good time to own a house Folks number two. The show's 844 talk one on one once again a 44 talk one on one so much more to get Stay connected, Stay informed. Homo news 1000 ever The first batch of the fines are buying tech covert vaccine is.

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