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Acid his engine yeah yeah no a meaningless had and also what mimi satis like i i never won at like the circus to ever come back to life torn but now said showman showman the movie about barnum and bailey whatever arnims name was it look so good and it's it's it's a movie about how he's giving all these like freaks and geeks like a platform to entertain like that's like not what it was like no i know captured them those freaks and their families i know but like maybe will be i don't know i just hope i don't see one fucking elephant and i hope it's like sort of fictional where they just glaze over the cruelty of it all because they just want to refer this movie and like i can refer a fictional and i feel proud that has children we'd never live frequent the fucking saga that but we found out yesterday that we actually did go door on him for like him we go home it's that so i am so proud of red young age i was not fro the abuse of animals that doesn't chocolate the tangents we take are always so interesting the online this is news that makes sense which we love to report when things make sense a nikki bella from the bella twins is joining dancing with the stars well i just love when people who are in like amazing physical shape join dnc with stories like us gap on bristol palin like she really wasn't no she that was unfair lisa them so so erica jane very fair miles the most fair this and we aren't as has weapon i know everyone's talking about a new niche like literally.

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