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Only now he is in need of their help so the girls united to husqvarna and by doing so saved themselves. That's the elevator pitch just as good and so when it came to the wild ones. What was that initial image or idea that got you exploring this whole story and eventually leading to writing it. The wild ones is a very different book. Compared to the books on you'll find on the shelf today. It's an experimental book which means that it is told in the we perspective and it. There are four chapters which have of holding the first person but the most of most of it is tolling the wheat perspective. I don't believe i've read any things that i haven't read everything that exists so who knows The idea k. Things happen to women without their consent without the permission without the desires and women. We find ourselves statistics as we are pushed into the role of victims. Or somebody who asked for it. So this book is about is filled with anger is with the rage. It's fueled by anger. It's asking why me and then what now because things have happened to me too. And i refused and when i looked into the confronted the woman in the mirror and i confronted that owner ability and i refuse to take it lying down. I refused because some people move mountains. Some people break mountains. Some people Climb mountains. I wrote a book so It was. I would say what prompted this book was. Anger was anger and a determination not to not to take it lying down. So it's it's this. Book is super explicit. I know we are told to be subtle old not to you know hint stuff but i was done being settled. Because there's certain things this is the age of of metoo and you know sometimes you just need to say it as it is said because there's this one. This is one part in the book that i was..

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