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Yes. Jeff's awesome. That's a that is a lovely human being. But let me know if you're to gel Challah doesn't well let me know undercut your how dare you. Jobs. I jokes. You should be in it. I mean, you can play your fam- like you have that accent down because that is your family, then we'll we'll kind of Nexans very we speed like dis where denied Judy news video rough and yeah, so there's like a clear, and I appreciate that. Then it isn't just generic Nigeria. It isn't Will Smith and concussion. Oh, yeah. Shots fire. You know? We'll Smith come at me. I'll jump into the canyon to he's busy on Instagram. Right. Oh, that'd be rich. Exactly. He's literally going what if he say about? And then you have another sonic game. That's dropping twenty nineteen. We do we thought it was coming out earlier. And that's okay. Skier over fourteen. The official names on the team racing. Teams on a grazing. Thank you. Thank you cheese once again at Roger Craig Smith. But yeah, so we got another game coming out, and I'm not in it. But they've got the big sonic, the hedgehog CG movie that's coming out. And I think that comes out. Yeah. I can remember that summer. I think they're they're shooting for thing. It's November eighth twenty nine. Jim Carey will be playing crazy, man. I'm very I want to see his I wanna see that new show that he has on show. It looks writers Cody Heller it looks real dead. It was bizarre to even think that we're talking about CG alive action CG, sonic, the hedgehog film coming out like for a massive audience to think this many years later that the character is still. Connick? It is we gotta close. There's so many things that could talk about. I was gonna say you also were in the lympics right out sign versus the Olympic Games. Like this on a character. I didn't do anything. I don't think there was any voice associated with that on your is it really. Yeah. Oh, are you thinking about the go to the Olympic Games kind of thing? Like there there. There's. They might have been feel like he was one of them. Everywhere. I was gonna say because Goku Mario has been an Olympic mascot and Doku has also been Olympic mascot. And I think that they had I was looking on your IMDB, and it looks. Okay. I don't know if you got paid for it, Roger probably. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Probably not. Listed. Like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day balloon stuff like that. Right. Right. Right. And it's weird to think that like, you know, and it's really funny because I always say in my job that like when somebody if you get on an airplane. Somebody asks you what you do rarely do even say voice actor. Right. And you're only as legitimate and good is anything they've ever heard of. Ever heard of you be shocked because it depends on the person, man. Old ladies, I'll say, sonic, the hedgehog, and I go. Oh, yeah. Blue fowler. Yeah. And then it's like, my mom, and then it always falls out with this. He talks. So funny that is funny just about that commerce. I remember when I got hard for at midnight. I was so hyped to go on an Uber and be like just because you know, you'll be like, I'm a comedian. Yeah. So I was like, yeah. I write for at midnight on comedy central. And he was like what show is that?.

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