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Much hotter. It can be dangerous. Within minutes. We'll have more on the forecast shortly. Also today. Authorities are investigating two people who Winthrop shot to death over the weekend. Were they killed Execution style because they were black WBZ TV I team reporter Cheryl Fiandaca says authorities found a trail of white supremacist rhetoric linked to the suspect named Nathan Allen. Prosecutors say Allen wrote about the superiority of the white race. And about whites being apex predators. He also drew swastikas. Allen had no criminal record and was not on any law enforcement radar. At this point, police believe Alan acted alone. Ask her motive for the shooting. Police say Allen may have targeted the victims because they were black and are investigating the shooting as a hate crime. Allen was shot and killed in an exchange of gunfire with police. Also this morning tragedy strikes a member of the Boston Bruins off ice. Bruins forward David Pasternak, announcing this morning on his Instagram page that his baby son born just days ago, has died. The post this morning saying Vigo role posture, not June 17. To June 23rd 2021. We have an angel watching over us and we call him son. You will be loved forever. The shocking announcement comes months after he and his girlfriend Rebecca Arolsen, announced back in January. They were expecting a baby. They did a gender reveal post back on January 9th. Pasternak is 25 years old. He's been with the Bruins his entire career after being drafted by the bees back in 2014, Jim McKay, WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio and a nice tribute over the premier rank at New England Sports Village. It will be renamed AJ quite a rank all to honor the bishop in high school hockey player injured in a game earlier this year, by the way, they had their first hockey tournament. At the rank all the proceeds going towards his rehab and recovery. A dedication ceremony will be held at that rank in December. We'll let you know at that time also coming up. A search for survivors goes on in Florida after a devastating building collapse and the latest on the nurses in Worcester still on strike. Alright, 10 33. The super were retailers of New England all will drive.

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