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Was some audio the video we played last week on Hannity on the Fox News channel literally at Berkeley, UC, Berkeley, the ever so tolerant left wing campuses of America, Berkeley, the home of free speech supposedly anyway after that is what you see is. You know, literally this guy beating the crap trying to beat the crap out of a young man by the name of Hayden Williams. He's a leader ship institute. Feel Representative you know, conservative groups calling on the university California now to take action against the campus employees who praised the alleged assault on this activists. Now, here's the thing. There are three eyewitnesses in a minute. We'll go to Hayden Williams who kohl-kok does battle. Why would you see Berkeley an employee that works for them be elated by the violence against? An innocent person in this particular case, what is it about the maga- hat that is now triggering people make America great again is now a trigger. How does it? How does the hat that says make America great again become a trigger? I mean, I could see it now used in a court of law at some point as well. Let's let's say not guilty by reason of insanity because the maga- had triggered him. Anyway. But that is now happening all over the place. You know, look at all listen Milano radical left wing extremists. Hollywood nutjob calling the mega hat, the new white hood. You know, look at what all these people, by the way Lynnwood is is coming your way, all of you that accused him of being a racist that cetera et cetera and told the ball story about the sixteen year old kid, good luck to all of you. Because it's not gonna work out. Very well. And you know, Matt a professor of the classics and ancient history at the university of New Brunswick had the hat is equivalent to the Ku Klux Klan, hood or. Rope. And the Washington Post saying that will wearing a maga- hat constitutes a deliberate political act, and they deliver provocation imagine if anyone said the same. Well, I got angry because somebody had an Obama hope and change shirt or hat on. What would the reaction be, you know, the same newspaper. Washington Post has a fashion critic to wear a mega hat is to wrap oneself in the confederate flag, look may be more modern and fit more precise. And it goes on from there. Look how wrong the media was in the case of nNcholas Sandman or in the case more recently of what happened with Jesse smaller. Can you come to any restaurant wearing a maga- hat? You're not getting served. According to the co owner and a tweet sent out by the owner of this restaurant. Think of what's happened to Ted Cruz and Kirstin Nielsen and Pam Bondi and everybody else that has been assaulted an attack just for wearing a mega hat and Sarah Sanders. For crying out loud disgrace. Anyway, joining us now to tell his side of the story is the person you heard in the video that we showed on TV Hayden Williams. That even you weren't wearing a mega hat from. What I understand, correct? Correct. I was not wearing a mega hat on this day. However, we did have this magazine country to show that you know, we're condemning hate crime hoaxes and hate crimes in general in this. This is what you know, supporters of the president or services is this is what we believe. Well, I I would think that UC Berkeley is the home of free speech. But not if you're a conservative, which we've seen with conservative speakers now for many, many years shouted down can't speak attacked, you know, it's pretty unbelievable. But they've allowed this to go on. So let me go right to the beginning. And in light of what happened with Jesse small at a lot of people say, well, you know, how do we believe this story? And I think you'd probably understand that in light of everything that's happened. Right. Definitely. And I'm just like to say, it's not this. This isn't just you know, to to protest speakers coming to campus, or or just me this is this is a problem that affects conservative students all over Berkeley. And Oliver California, but all right across the country. But the point is is that you see what's happening to smell it. And this guy is likely to spend years in jail, if the evidence as the police superintendent is pointing out as so overwhelming and incontrovertible you you wouldn't tell a phony story, which is what I'm saying. And if you did, you know, the consequences. Correct. Oh, absolutely, Sean. I would never make a a sort of story to portray myself as a victim. In fact, I don't even really want to be the victim of Republican. Yeah. You know, this isn't this isn't mine. This you said you have three eyewitnesses that were there from the get-go from the beginning. Correct. Yes. And they've come out publicly and back you up, right? And when one of them is the president of determining point group that I was helping on campus. Now, you tried to get your phone video on which I think was really smart on your part and videotape this guy, right, right? Yeah. There was there was only, you know, he he approached our table and. Immediately started yelling and Cussing. And right, then I realized this is probably not a safe situation for myself or the students I was helping so so right. Then is when I started recording how long into the confrontation did you get that tape? I think it's about six or seven seconds is that showing well, well now, you know, we've added on TV, and I watched somebody, you know, you were trying to obviously, you're the one being assaulted based on all the tapes that I've seen in their different tapes and angles out there, and it looked to me like you would just trying to back up in the end, the coal Cox. You, you know, after he gets really close in your grill and have they found this person yet. So the the person I believe he's been identified, but it is still under investigation. And they haven't released any names for for the suspect. But it's my hope that he's he's arrested soon, whoever it is. Yeah, I hope so. But you think you've got the identification of this, and what are your plans, and what was your reaction a Berkeley when they have an employee. Cheering on this assault against you. And you expect and want the university to fire that person, I think, it's absolutely disgusting. That anybody let alone a member of the faculty would would, you know, hail this person as a hero. And and encourage this sort of behavior. It's totally unacceptable, and it speaks to sort of culture that that some universities, not just Berkeley, but across the country that they're harboring this sort of hostile culture in violent culture toward conservative and has only gotten worse in recent years. We've chronicled this problem on college campuses for years now, the Berkeley employees actually tweeted out my God, the maga- people on UC Berkeley campus yesterday got punched in the face by someone. This makes me feel emotionally so much better. If this were the opposite, and it was a liberal that was hit on UC Berkeley campus that person would not be working for UC Berkeley anymore. Now, they did say Friday night that police identified the suspect based on current information available and the suspect is not a student at or affiliate of the university. But the person that supported it does work for the university. Right, right. Yeah. It's it's like I said man, it's just so tragic that that some of these people would would condone that kind of behavior, you know, on on Friday. I I went to the hospital because I was still having read my ears, and and a lot of symptoms, and you know, I've got a cat scan. And I'm still recovering and everything. But this is a really serious injury. And it's a shame that some people at the university or members of the campus community, don't take it so serious. Well, listen, I saw your black eye on TV. But on the other hand, look, I trained mixed martial arts five days a week an hour and a half a day, and I have for six and a half years. So this is all I trained for and but I'll be honest from. I would do the same thing. You did. I would just do everything I could possibly do to back off get away. Avoid the assault. You seem to try everything within your power to prevent this from escalating. Yeah. And honestly, I hoped that by recording the situation that that they wouldn't do anything too stupid or crazy. But obviously that wasn't. They did how many different videos are there of the attack. I to be honest shot. I don't know how many there are. But there was. You know, there was well we had a couple of different angle. Oh, I know we had a couple of different angles. There are well over what they were. There was well over three witnesses like there was the entire plaza Dopp and stared at what was doing. Yeah. Now when you look at the attention from the media with Jesse smaller you compare it to your case with his violent video. What is your reaction to believe him instantaneously? And they did they went in all the way. Yeah. I think it speaks to their credibility or or lack thereof really because you know, even even in the article where they they they stayed than I was allegedly assaulted. They clearly have a picture of me getting punched in the face, and, you know, similarly with Jesse they they didn't say it was alleged. When in fact, it didn't even happen. Now, what are your plans going forward? What are you planning to do with the police university cetera? So as I said everything is still under investigation and I'm reviewing the options. Just kind of taking it step by step. I and I got this individual whoever it was, but mainly I'm just focused on recovering getting back in good health. So I can you know, promoting conservative principles on campus is really only emboldened me. And how old are you a Hayden? And how did you become a conservative at such a young age? I'm twenty six I just turned twenty six I've been involved with youth politics, all my life, you know, throughout middle school and high school. I did Mark mock legislature in mock the United Nations, and that sort of thing, and I carried that into college with me, and after left I wanted to continue that sort of sort of activism, so and I started working with the leadership institute. And and I just think what they do is is so mazing and really necessary. Now more than ever I just want to tell you. I know maybe publicly it's hard to get cold. Cock like that. But you know, what I'm a big fan of rocky movies ever, watch rocky movies? Of course, it's not about how hard you get hit. It's about how hard you get hit. And you keep moving forward. Let me play a little bit of us who we tell you. So do you already know? The world all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place. And I don't care how tough you are. It will be sure to your knees and keep you there permanently. If you let it you me or nobody is going gonna hit his heart his life. But eight about.

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